As I mentioned past post, I’m off for a well earned weeks holiday and with the weather being so lovely, I could take full advantage and get right in amongst the first week of spring. First stop? The beach…

Troon is a wee town in Ayrshire, it has the most idyllic setting and stunning little shops all right by the sea. After parking the car, me and Mr Tache headed straight to the nearest deli for a super sandwich to take to the beach, after a long chat to the lovely woman behind the counter, we came across an incredible edible keepsake for brother Swollock….

Yes. Bacon Jam. It’s surprisingly delicious actually! We had it with some cheese and crackers but apparently with cheese on toast is where it’s at! Definitely worth a shout if you find it!


After lunch, a paddle and some sand advertising, we had another stroll about the town to find some right good doors…

This little boutique was beautiful, it was closed but I love the photo with the reflection of the road. It was a small evening wear shop with a big reception desk, decedent carpets and beautiful dresses all in their transparent carriers. I will be in next visit!


All that fresh air must’ve got to me, I was shattered and had a big day the next day, me and Iona were heading to the homeland of most of Betty’s loved ones – Eastkil-brilliant to get some tattoos from a very talented gentleman named Anthony Firstbrook. You’ll have to wait a little longer for the details on that but if you want a sneak peak of what me and Iona had inked, be sure to ‘like’ Betty Swollocks on Facebook and follow on Twitter (@bettyswollocks1) for all the banter aw the time. Until tomorrow!


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