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Ooft. Being back to work after a weeks chilling out is tough. Last week I ventured up to the Highlands to visit my pal Iona’s home town of Aviemore before she jets off. I asked what we would be getting up to, she replied with “nice walks and a night out at the local pisser” I thought I packed appropriately; a maxi skirt, gladiator sandles, a wee summer dress, leggings (just incase) and after some convincing – my 8 year old Converse…maybe I was a little more unprepared than what I thought…

After getting laughed at when I almost marched out the door with sandles in tow, we went for an adventure to find a bothy from Iona’s childhood. Of course having the navigation of two blind sheep, we found a different one, through miles – 10 miles to be exact of heather and mingin, mingin bog. Let’s just say, I was well advised against wearing the sandals. I’m a city girl by nature, and I’m sure I frightened the wildlife with my big girls blouse screams, but we made it! Well, to something at least!



It has actually been about 2 years since these converse last graced my feet. Uncomfortable bastards aren’t they?! Until the next outdoor trip, I doubt these bad boys will leave my cupboard for some time. However, I have found some styles which I would gladly rock on a day to day basis…

So, after squelching home, we were treated to a well deserved chicken roast dinner from Iona’s Mammy. I loved listening to all of her stories about the things she has collected over the years. The thing that struck me most was a mid 18th century chicken egg holder.

Although maybe not as pleasing to the eye as others, this was a special chick. She has been handed down generation to generation, and Iona’s grandfather kept note of all of its owners. It reminded me of a 70s style one that I used to play with at my Nana’s as a child. The weird thing was, is that when she passed, I asked for it, only to be told from my gran “After me!!” it’s a weird thing for people to want, but I think they are so charming, and I always gravitate to them in charity shops! I hope someone will be cluckin about ma chicken one day!


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  1. Yasss! I’m proud of you love, you did very well for a city gal! You defeated the masses and masses and masses of heather & bog like a trooper. Take away the sandles and designer handbag and you’re a natural :P x

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