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For the last week or so I have been having a severe shoe dilemma. I have a wedding fast approaching, I thought I’d be good and wear something I already had and give it a shoe spruce. I thought this would be pimps because the dress I was planning to wear is a real beaut – my Lanvin for H&M Tulle number. She has only had one previous outing so the shoe really had to be special…

I was really upset in finding that all the shoes which made the rank were WAY out of my price budget. Its difficult as I have expensive taste, but refuse to spend a ridiculous amount of money on my clothes. A good bargain makes the item even more special than forking out a full wage. after hours of Internet shopping and shop trawling I settled on a pair of perfectly lovely Pink Suede Courts from Topshop.

They were a great price at £35 (down from £50) but when I got them home for a trial run, I was in full Bambi mode. My foot began to almost cramp with the arch angle and my stupid slightly smaller left foot was flappin’ all over the shop! I needed a back up plan. These were not good enough for Lanvin.

Hours became days and still no shoe. The stress was beginning to mount after seeing friends rejoicing on their completed outfits. It became a crisis situation when I found myself rummaging through the sale rail in ‘The Garage’ stripper shoe shop in Glasgows St Enoch Centre – if you have been there, you will know why. After a stressful lunch, I was forced to shoe department within my work (Frasers). I did not want to do this, as I was making the HUGE risk of potentially maxing out my staff card. Well let me tell ye, thank God for mid season sales…

There the ones. Carvela, Red Patent Anita shoes, with a yellow diamanté ankle strap, half price and put on a staff card that doesn’t need to be paid till the end of the month. You can’t get better than that can you?! They are so lady like but with that touch of Tranny that we all enjoy. The colour of the diamanté compliment the colour of the ribbon on the dress perfectly. Although, I am gonna give a nude skinny one a try from my Kirsty Swollock. You can guarantee if you combined our wardrobes, everything would match. I just wish she had bigger bloomin feet!


When I got these babies home, I was strutting around my flat in absolute bliss. That dance floor is getting an attack from me at this wedding! Now, that just leaves the handbag, any suggestions?



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  1. Hahaha. The Garage Shoes?? You musta been desperate!! The dress and shoes are absolutely gorgeous though, you’ll look stunning as always :) x

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