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Well guys and goils, it’s that time of year again. I really have to give props to 2013, it has been an extremely big year for me

in so many different ways. Here’s a swatch of the highlights!

Starting off 2013 in Budapest (one of my all time favourite places) with the Wife (one of my all time favourite people). 20131231-121134.jpg budapest betty Starting a new job working as itison’s Fashion and Beauty Events Manager. 20131231-125314.jpg20131231-125300.jpg Raising over Β£1,000 for SANE with One Month, One Dress. one month one dress20131231-121928.jpg Ate oh so many sandwiches. 20131231-121942.jpg 20131231-125220.jpg 20131231-125255.jpg 20131231-125248.jpg 20131231-125306.jpg Danced around Glasgow’s West End in a Morph Suit west end festival glasgow]# Visited Cassis, a small fishing village in the South of France with my best ladies <3 20131231-122029.jpg20131231-122035.jpg Β  betty swimming Finally took the plunge for my biggest tattoo yet! (Or should i say ever!) My beautiful dedication to my family home by one of my good friends Tony Firstbrook (Thirteen Custom Tattoos, East Kilbride). 20131231-122047.jpg I had the honour of being illustrated by one of my favourite artists from across the pond – Ciara Sana. 20131231-122054.jpg Attended the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival, Scottish Style Awards, The Scottish Bafta Awards and a ton of other fashion shows and events. 20131231-122011.jpg Scottish Style Awards Betty and Bee 20131231-125150.jpg 20131231-123224.jpg20131231-125235.jpg 20131231-123232.jpg 20131231-123304.jpg 1382783_10153563292235001_1176748660_n Met some absolute toppers and became close to some truly inspiring people 20131231-122112.jpg 20131231-122126.jpg20131231-125156.jpg 20131231-123322.jpg 20131231-123316.jpg 20131231-123310.jpg 20131231-123257.jpg Betty pals Went freelance at my position with itison to start up business with one of the most inspirational, smart and funny women I have ever met, also known as my Beeloved. 20131231-121954.jpg And then we became Betty and Bee <3 20131231-122107.jpgtibor galamb betty and bee 1472912_10153493629085257_169742618_n Β  20131231-125241.jpg Some impromptu modelling for one of my favourite photographers – Andy Bell. 20131231-125201.jpg Had a mini bar set up in me and the wife’s palace (thanks Social Cocktail!) 20131231-122134.jpg Guest posted and appeared in a few magazines and papers. 20131231-122150.jpg 20131231-123156.jpg Shopped and wore local (of course!) 20131231-112002.jpg20131231-122001.jpg 20131231-122022.jpg 20131231-122102.jpg 20131231-122118.jpg 20131231-122142.jpg 20131231-122156.jpg 20131231-122214.jpg 20131231-123248.jpg 20131231-125144.jpg 20131231-125229.jpgPhotographed by photographer legend Mr David Boni. 20131231-125206.jpg Appeared in a Scottish Indie Fashion Film. 2014: What Will You Be Wearing? from Mr Webster Film on Vimeo. 20131231-122202.jpg And the last most poignant activity in 2013? I took the scary plunge and finished Freelancing with itison to focus 100% on Betty and Bee. This may have been the most petrifying decision I have ever made, but definitely the most rewarding. We had no idea things would take off as quickly as they have, but we are so thankful for it and all the support everyone has given us so far. 2014 better watch out, this is Betty and Bee’s year, I can feel it in my waters! Hope you all have a wonderful New Year folks! Catch you in the flipside! 20131231-123334.jpg

forever yours betty

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About Betty

I’m Betty, a tangerine haired, glasses wearing Scottish Fashion and Lifestyle blogger with a nose for a good sandwich and an eye for style. One half of vlogging duo Colour Pop Girls and Freelance Events & PR consultant based in Glasgow.

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  1. Gutted to be on the other side of the world & not being there to share 2013 with you, but so so so proud of everything you’ve achieved! Love you x

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