Every girl loves a fairytale. Written or visual, we love  the thought of being taken to a place where temptation is dangled upon us for that one chance of true love. Last week, a talented duo took me by the hand and showed me my own fairytale; one with bright colours, vast prints, stunning crepes in all shapes and sizes. Wonderland is that you? No my friend, this is The White Snake by the hottest new name in textiles – Naromode.


For their first collection, designers Iain Macdonald and Anna Thorn turned to the German fairy tale ‘The White Snake’ by the Grimms Brothers to inspire their direction. The name Naromode comes from latin ‘Narritive’ and ‘Fashion’ so is the perfect way for them to introduce themselves to the ever thriving Scottish Fashion community.




Traditional illustrations from Lucy Crane’s 1886 English translation of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, illustrated by her brother, Walter Crane gives a background of the collections inspirations.

photo 1 (8)The Naromode Outfit: Topshop Crepe Skirt, Zara Croptop, Zara Shoes (Hail Zara Gods), Vintage Necklace, H&M Plether, Chanel Bag and Michael Kors Watch

Greeted with champagne, Naromode branded cupcakes and a smile in the stunning Arlington Baths in Glasgow’s West End, myself and Miss Bee didn’t quite know what to expect. Before now we had only been introduced to Naromode as textile designers who create stunning prints onto beautiful silk crepe scarves. What we didn’t know, is that we were about to witness the birth of something absolutely spectacular. (Excuse the camera, upgrade coming VERY soon!)
photo 1 (6)photo 2 (8)photo 3 (6)photo 1 (7)photo 2 (9)photo 3 (7)photo 4 (1)

Everyone knows, I’m a “Give me colour, or give me death” kinda girl, but I have always been a tad frightened of a clashing print ‘The White Snake’ has definitely helped this by creating almost clash printing by numbers.  The collection is extremely wearable, with something in it for everyone; shift dresses, the staple maxi, trousers, skirts, tees and my favourites – the crop tops. If I had to choose my favourite look, it would be the little shorts and tee shirt combo (3rd outfit) it looks so expensive, classic but an instant statement either worn together or as separates. My favourite print within the collection NEEDS to be the apple print within the trees as modelled by the incredible Nikki Vance. She sure knows how to werk that runway.

photo 3 (4)

I would wear most of this collection. In fact. I would wear all of it, and live in my own little fairy tale as the crepe catches wind. From the setting, hair and make up, the little books carefully placed around the room and the ambient music, Naromode just got everything right. It is a complete wonder that this was their first collection, they will have the rest of the industry quaking in their boots for next season, and I cant wait to be front row to watch the magic happen.


 To celebrate all of the amazing success of their first show, the lovely Iain and Anna are doing an extremely tempting promotion on the items which made Glasgow fall for them in the first place – their scarves. Pick up the Bee,  Moth (my favourite!)  and Fly 140X140 Silk Crepe hand printed scarves for an absolute STEAL at £55 on their ASOS Marketplace Store.Be sure to also keep an eye on their developing website and give them a like on Facebook to keep up with everything these guys are up to. It’s definitely going to be a very interesting journey!


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