When it comes to our winter wardrobe, there’s no item that gets more attention than our favourite boots. In Scotland, it is pretty much the only footwear you can actually get away with during these frosty, wet, and dreary months so isn’t it time we gave those painfully practical ankle numbers a break with an over-the-knee makeover? The answer is yes and I found the perfect pair in the Emi’s by my favourite British brand Miista. 

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There are some trends that look enticing but the thought of actually wearing gets a little intimidating, like I found with over the knee boots. I’ve always been a lover of boots in general but always thought my weird leg insecurities would get the better of me when it came down to thigh highs. Man how I was wrong!  When I say that I’ve hardly had my boots off, I don’t think people understand how much wear I have got out of these bad boys in the month or so I’ve had them. It’s incredible how those extra few inches of fabric can offer infinite potential to turn a mediocre outfit into something so bad ass you don’t walk – you strut. 

photo 2 (25)
Cameo of my Luna on the Moon Pumpkin bag – full post coming soon!
thigh highs.jpg5
Rocking my Inner Lohan with Shorts and Floppy Hat
thigh highs.jpg4
Taking this Zara sale Tshirt Dress and rocking it Heidi Style!
thigh highs
Shorts, hat and pumpkin, naturally!

Not only do thigh highs lengthen your legs (HALLELOO!) but they also protect your gams from wind, rain and other weather woes this time of year. I love wearing mine with teeshirt dresses and dropped waists, they have definitely helped give my wardrobe a new leese of life. I had these checked shorts in my ‘selling’ pile after never having them on in the year of having them. Since getting my boots I’ve worn them twice – go figure!

Betty and Bee by CJ Monk at tg5
Shot by CJ Monk boots worn with Lazy Oaf dress

thigh highs.jpg3

There are so many amazing styles of over the knee boots on the high street at the moment, from flat to platform the perfect thigh high for you is just waiting! For me, I love the Emi’s platform and cruelty free leatherette feel. They zip up to mid calf (stretched right around mine and that was ALWAYS a problem area for me!) with the rest of the boot easy to pull on. They dont sag, they don’t pinch, they cover my old man knees and they are literally the most perfect thigh high a girl could ask for. Well done Miista, you really have outdone yourself! Will you be wearing thigh highs this Winter?

forever yours betty

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