As you have probably guessed through the lack of postage, a certain Swollock has got something exciting tucked up her bell sleeve.. Biba is relaunching its flamboyant self in 35 House of Frasers stores THIS THURSDAY!!! Not only that but the beautiful website is also going live that very same morning…but I’m not the one to keep a fashion secret….so here is a very sneak preview of some of the promotional shots with the stunning Daisy Lowe.

Nice eh? Ok, here’s a few more:


All you Biba lovers make sure you all make your way to your closest House of Frasers to make sure if your store is one of the lucky ones who made the cut!

Biba Glasgow have a spectacular show planned; Fashion Show with the hottest burds in toon, make-up by MAC, tunes by Halleluwah Hits and drinks by Campari. Show starts at 8pm so get there early if you want into the show, if not then just enjoy the good chat, beautiful clothes and the stunning shop fit on the 2nd floor balcony of Frasers Glasgow. We have special Swollock reporters for the night so make sure all those who attend dress to impress….you never know when you’ve been Swollocked! To all those who can’t make it there will be a full report after the big night.

Betty promises to be a better blogger once the madness is over. Oooft need a drink, Campari anyone??

Forever yours,


Betty xxx

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