Is there anything more satisfying than the humble sandwich? No, there isn’t. If you have met or follow me on social media you’ll already know my obsession for the stacked baked good.  It would even be fair to say that I love sandwiches more than I love Drake – and I really do love Drake. Because when a piece is piled to perfection, each layer provides an incredible mesh of magic (don’t even think I’m exaggerating). Really, the sandwich is a foolproof meal for all times and occasions, ready when you are from the basic to the ballsy, especially when the combinations are only limited by your imagination.  With this in mind, I have done the dirty work and tasted  yummy options available in Glasgow’s West End and City Centre for you to sink your teeth into, stat. From egg-mayo to meaty delights this list has got a delicious bite for everyone.

Image source unknown.
Image source unknown.

Piece, 1056 Argyle Street, Finnieston

Fast becoming a Glasgow Sandwich institution, everyone has their favourite Piece. They have revolutionised old favourites, adding their own twist using just the finest of fresh local produce. Some of their sandwiches have even reached Glasgow cult status with the Chicken Ole and Fat Boy (dirty or clean) filling god knows how many tummies across the city. They are even taking their gourmet sandwichmongering to the next level with a new development kitchen, if you want a piece of well,  Piece, check out their crowdfund finishing on the 20th of January. Sandwich Recommendation: For me it’s a clean Fat Boy, every, single, time.

piece sandwich

Roast, 1299 Argyle Street, Finnieston

Nestled on Argyle Street just before you hit Dumbarton Road, Roast is a no-frills, unsuspecting dining destination that serves its sandwiches up simple. This place may look all about the coffee, but inside the small but perfectly formed shop there are so many tasty delights just waiting to be sampled. From cold classics to hearty warm tummy fillers, Roast are there to fill every need and nom. Sandwich recommendation: The Roast Croque or classic cheesesteak, it’s not easy being that cheesy.

Where the Monkey Sleeps, 182 W Regent St.

How could I discuss a selection of sandwich shops and not include locally loved Where the Monkey Sleeps? The iconic bike couriers hotspot is known for its hearty hoagies with interesting combinations to ignite anyone’s sandwich imagination. They are also the place that made me realise just how underrated a plate full of beans (and some good toast obvs) really is. Sandwich recommendation: The witchfinders general bagel, chorizo, chicken, smoked cheese, nom.

where the monkey sleeps


Il Cappuccino, Great Western Road, Kelvinbridge

An oldy but a goody, Il Cappuccino has been a sandwich staple of the West End for over a decade, renowned for it’s grilled ciabattas and paninis. With affectionately named twists on classic flavours, Il Cappuccino is great if you are looking are needing to be well fed this lunchtime. Sandwich Recommendation: Clatty Pat, named after the former Glasgow nightclub reflects it’s old school roots with a spin on the cheese, ham and coleslaw, grab a can of Bru and a poke of crisps for just £4.50

Cafe Hula, 321 Hope St

Have you spent today’s lunch money on yesterday’s shopping spree? Thankfully, Cafe Hula has you covered with its purse-friendly super filling sandwiches. Cafe Hula sandwiches have been a regular occurrence in my diet since I started uni almost ten years ago. Their incredibly soft and thick cut bread and various tasty mayonnaise flavours are like no other which you can either build your own or choose one of their classy combos. Sandwich recommendation: Chicken, feta, salad with all the sundried tomato mayo on brown seeded.

cafe hula sandwich.jpg 2Devils Deli, 5 Hyndland St, Partick 

If you find yourself strolling through Partick working up an appetite there’s no refuel spot quite like a pit stop at Devils Deli. And if you neglect to order some of their smoked-in-house-meats and a Dear Green Coffee you are doing yourself a major injustice! This burst of lunchtime freshness featuring a well-edited menu, specials and considerable condiment choice is certainly worth every penny. Sandwich recommendation: The classic £3 cheese and ham toasty or why not try their lobster roll.

Great Western Sandwich Co, Great Western Road

With an easy split menu very helpful for picking, the Great Western Sandwich Co. has everything you may need in a sandwich shop. From the classics to some very interesting combos, including some tasty Mexican / Scottish infusions. Sandwich Recommendation: Breakfast Burrito / Cheese Steak, because I can’t resist a cheese steak.

great western sandwich co

Smoak BBQ, 6 Royal Exchange Square

The new(ish) Smoak BBQ doesn’t skimp when it comes to delivering fresh, one-of-a-kind sandwiches starring beautifully smoked meats. I first put my mouth on one at their pop up in Tribeca. They do not just stop at sandwiches, visit them for mouth-wateringly delicious, fall off your fork kind of delights. Sandwich recommendation: The Chicken BLT – anything with bacon jam is a winner in my book, although quite a pricey piece.

Gordon Street Coffee, Glasgow Central Station

Located by the Gordon Street entrance of Glasgow Central, this not so hidden gem brings more than just two types of in-house roasted coffee. With high-quality breakfast rolls in the morning and a delicious selection of sarnies at lunch, Gordon Street keep it simple with really tasty club sandwiches and classic egg mayos. I would safely recommend either but remember if you are not fast your last!


Roasters, Partick Train Station

They teased us for so long, but it’s finally open. Westenders rejoiced as Roasters opened it’s door just before Christmas, but it’s only down to the rumour mill (and the teaser pics on Facebook) that it made my list. Specialising on New York style specials from burgers, grilled cheese to breakfast goods for lunch, this deli oozes cheese filled potential which is then dipped in beef juice. I just can’t wait to try it, stay tuned to social for my recommendations here!

Now, be still my Southside and Eastend friends, do not think that your sandwich delights have gone unnoticed. I have heard some wonderful things about the deli’s round your way. I live in Glasgow’s West End and work in the City Centre so am not in your neck of the woods often but will make a conscious effort to make my way through to try each one. I’m looking at you No Way Back, Bakery 47, Cherry and Heather, Bite Me, Jaybe’s etc. With this quest in mind, I have decided to create a whole new section of my blog, dedicated to the love of sandwiches, from purchased to created, toasted to wrapped, roll or pan, all you sandwich needs will be covered. Where else should I try to find Glasgow’s finest piece?

forever yours betty

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  1. The Kitchen Window on Hyndland Road has to be up there – make up your own sandwiches with the freshest ingredients, similar to piece in some ways. Coffee absolute perfection too :)

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