Why is it that we always wait for a new year to resolve to be our healthiest selves? Yes, it’s true, anyone can start making positive life changes anytime but there’s something about a New Year that gives us all the extra boost we need to make it happen.  After all, it’s called a resolution for a reason so why not make 2016 the year you look after yourself and become a happier person inside and out? For a girl who eats her fair share of cheese and processed meats, I definitely need to make some changes and I’m finally ready to make it happen. So now we’re all resolving to be our healthiest selves, it’s time to start finding the best way to actually do that. Here’s where I’ve started…

Treat Yo Self – Soul Space


Whether you’re hunched over a computer, did all the dancing in high  heels,  or lay too long in bed watching Making a Murderer, you have probably wreaked on your body. Feel like you need a more than average massage? Look no further than Soul Space in Hyndland. With their extensive range of interesting and natural treatments inspired from all around the world, Soul Space is a complete hidden gem for your entire body. After trying out their Bamboo Massage and Himalayan Crystal Facial at the end of last year, I walked out feeling like a new woman. By using completely natural products and utensils (explain later) Soul Space really look after your whole body. For my massage, the therapist used warm bamboo canes instead of her hands to relieve muscle tension. The long strokes of the canes help detox your body and increase circulation while the therapist contorts your body for balance and flexibility. I kind of went into a trance as she flipped me and gave me my Himalayan Salt Crystal Facial. This is only my second facial and after seeing my glowing skin afterwards I’m begining to see the regular appeal! The Himalayan Salt which was used for the facial exfoliates and detoxes your skin, while also creating a superb massage for your face. I needed about half an hour to rest before heading downstairs for a complimentary herbal tea afterwards. Definitely the perfect way to give your whole body a service.

Help Yo Self – It’s not how good you are it’s how good you want to be by  Paul Arden 


Written by Saatchi & Saatchi Creative Director advertising legend, Paul Arden, this book is the pocket bible to help you on your way to achieve your goals. From asking for critisism instead of praise, PMA to the power of failing, this book gave me the kick up the arse I needed to get back to business after a two week holiday. I know it sounds strange, but sometimes you just need that reminder that only YOU can make shit happen. It’s never too late to make positive changes to your life and achieve the things you want, it’s the power of how much you want it that will take you there.

Werk Yo Self – Yoga with Adriene 


Feeling a little sluggish in the new year? No need to resubscribe to that old gym membership, look no farther than YouTube, Yoga with Adriene to be exact! My girl Bee introduced me to her 30 Day Yoga Challenge last February and although I didn’t carry it through the whole year, I absolutely loved it. I am so guilty for allowing other things to get in the way: it’s been a long day, I’m too tired, but there’s a new episode of ______ on Netflix, but going back to my lessons from Paul Arden, we don’t need to justify why we aren’t doing things, we just need to understand that it’s a choice that we make, and that’s ok! With this in mind, I’m giving her new 30 Days of Yoga challenge another go, and this year it’s even better with the inclusion of mantras and mindfulness. I absolutely love Adriene, I know I don’t actually know her, but the way she directs is like she is in the room with you, just for you. Reminding you to relax those shoulders, let go of what’s not needed, and of course, breathe. Namaste bitches.

Feed Yo Self – Lean in 15

body coach

The holidays are a notorious time of overindulgence which can make even the most secure woman go bonkers thinking about all the rich, calorific food they’re eating. My Mum showed me @thebodycoach AKA Joe Wicks on Instagram last year and I was quickly addicted to all his #LeanIn15 recipes. Unless you sign up for his tailored 90 Day Plan (for those looking for a full transformation, totally worth looking into) you could only grab his recipes by quickly jotting them down as he shouted them out in a 15 seconds or less. But now, he has his very own book giving you 100 options for healthy and exciting meal s as well as his signature HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) home workouts – showing how to combine food and exercise to start feeling the burn without all the salad. MIDGET TREE!

Love Yo Self – Making Time


Absolutely everyone is guilty of dedicating our precious time to things that don’t REALLY matter to us. Making time for the people and things we love not only puts a smile on our faces, but in doing so it helps the people around you too. We need to stop thinking that being healthy is just in diet and exercise, it’s about nurturing our other needs too. Will the people you see on the weekly really mind if you skip lunch to go see your Granny? Didn’t think so. Do things that make you happy, tell your closest you love them and never feel guilty about placing your time the way you want to. Afterall, life is far too short.

 Even if you’re the type who generally eats well, exercises, and lives a healthy life, how about a new idea. Instead of adding goal after goal you may or may not achieve, why not just make small changes to improve the healthy things that are already a part of your life? Zero extra time — tons of extra gains. (Or #gainz, if you’re of that mind.) What will you be changing in 2016?

forever yours betty

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