It was the last day of LFW before I headed off for a few days in Brighton and comfort (and packing space) certainly was key. We were going to meet the lovely Dianna from Kilpatrick PR to talk everything beauty before a pit stop at the Bloggers Love gifting suite. It’s a tough life eh?

IMG_8232 (2)IMG_8250If anything it was my suitcase which decided my outfit for the day. My ripped denims take up a surprising amount of space and my new Jasper Conran boots from Debenhams certainly took a dent out of packing. My Reiss trench coat was still within it’s 24 hour loaning period from The Apartment so of course it made the outfit cut. I wanted to keep it simple so flung on what I believe is one of my absolute fashion essentials, a grey boyfriend tee. My Miu Miu doctors bag was the perfect size to keep everything from travel docs to beauty essentials to last me throughout the day, with a lick of red lipstick (Mac’s Lady Danger) and a dash of gold jewellery, I was ready for my last day in London Town.

IMG_8240 (1)IMG_8262IMG_8237

It may come to a surprise to you that I am probably the worst girl you will ever meet. No I do not use primer before applying my make up, my cat eye flicks are never symmetrical and lip liner is somewhat of an urban myth within my poly bags full of lipsticks. If there is one thing I do know, it’s what works best for me. There are certain products which I use that I genuinely believe are the best in the business, so I can guarantee you that I will only recommend what I actually like. Dianna talked through some amazing Mark Hill products that are about to come on the market, as well as oodles of brushes for me and Bee to try. I can’t wait to do the girly thing and perhaps – dare I say it – improve my skin regime. Here’s hoping! Is there any beauty product you just can’t live without? Stay tuned for my recommendations coming soon.

forever yours betty


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