I find Scottish summer the hardest weather to dress for. It is the kind of place that you need sunscreen, a light jacket cover up, a cardie encase it is cold, sunglasses and a brolly and that is just for hitting the shops. We need to prepare for all kinds of things that the weather will fling at us so when we were blessed with such glorious weather, I get a touch suspicious and like to dress cautiously.

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I got these great lightweight tailored trousers from eBay a few years back. They were made from a vintage pattern but have always been a comfy failsafe when I have a bit of ‘no getting ma legs out’ fear on those hot days. It is always a good shout to look at these kinds of listings on Ebay and Etsy as usually the vintage patterns are a much better fit, although saying that these are a bit big nowadays – a nice Summer surprise! I have absolutely been loving the high waisted trouser and crop top combo as of late. It took me a while to getting used to having my midriff out again  but I have come to understand the formula for suiting crop tops and it is definitely a space ratio situation. Never since All Saints (the band not brand)  is it OK to have your whole belly out, do yourself (and others) a favour and keep the trousers above the belly button and if you are looking to flash some flesh, make it above the waist as this will be the most flattering cut for most shapes.

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Top: Chouchou, Trousers – Ebay, Jacket – Charity, Shoes – Juju’s from Office

I wore my tailored trousers with a matching grey crop from my beloved Chouchou (another birthday pressie, OK I WAS SPOILED!) with some cute coloured highlights. I love the off the shoulder style and the fact it was so cropped it occasionally gave a little flash of my clashing leopard print bra! Not to mention that the colours within the print pulled in my cute comfy wee neon green Juju’s perfectly. Of course i needed a lightweight jacket to cover said exposed shoulders once the sun got too fierce. I found this vintage Jean Paul Gaultier blazer in a charity shops a few years ago for a fiver and it owes me no favours. I love that the crop gives a playful element to what would be a pretty standard work outfit. What season confuses your wardrobe the most?

forever yours betty

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