Like most reasonably girly girls, I have always romantically dreamed of starring in my very own photoshoot. Flashing lights, lipstick on call, never having to worry about how your hair is sitting all the while wearing some amazing clothing. Who would have thought that my dream would have become true when my good friend and one of my local design favourites Chouchou asked me to star in a Lifestyle shoot for her new ready to wear collection – Filipa shot by the incredible Nuala Swan.

chouchou filipa
As a Fashion and Lifestyle blogger, you would think that I would be perfectly relaxed when confronted with a camera however, this could not be farther from the truth. Since starting the blog, I have almost become too aware of things and when looking back at shots where I would start picking apart the framing,  cringing over my ‘lock jaw’ or ‘crazy eye’ and  just face palming over the general level of all round level of awkwardness. This is how my ‘open wide’ signature pose came around, as the forcedness of it weirdly enough is the only ‘natural’ look for me as I am a very LOUD LAUGHER. Of course I had to think about the above factors when Silvia asked me to be apart of the shoot, but as soon as she said it would be photographed by Nuala Swan, then that was a complete game changer! I was slightly petrified about the fact that Nuala shoots on film, but I have been an admirer of her work for a long time and if anyone would make me look good and feel relaxed when that camera pulls up, it would be her.
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The concept of the shoot of course had to reflect the collection and myself so when Silvia came up with ‘Colour in the Dark’ I couldn’t wait to get started! We shot after 9pm in and around my neighbourhood (and local Chinese) giving the cosmopolitan fun time girl vibe. For this collection, Silvia decided she wanted to keep it simple to 6 staple pieces and based it all around a girl which she named  Filipa. A confident, adventurous jet-setter, the Fillipa collection consists of the essential pieces to fill her suitcase when travelling to her favourite places. Turning heads and sending out sass wherever she walks, Filipa is an unmissable collection which screams fun, happiness and Summer lovin’.
I asked Silvia what made her want to do a photoshoot with me after she already shot with models to which she replied:
Betty to me is a colour bomb! She’s so spontaneous and bubbly and I love the fact that she also loves showing her beautiful shape. We share a passion for vibrant colour, bold prints and non-complicated, comfortable designs. I was so excited to shoot with her and Nuala at night, it was the first time for me and it was so much fun!
Since the end of the shoot it kind of feels all like a dream. I am kind of in disbelief that it is me in the shots! For the first time there has been no picking, no moaning, every shot looks like a Nuala Swan shot and that to me is something I’ll hold onto until I am old and grey.  It is hard to say which piece or photograph I love the most as I’m drawn to each in a different ways, the outfits almost speak to you in different accents if you listen real closely!! If you like what you see in the collection, you can head to BOLD SOULS at Hummingbird this Thursday the 5th of June from 5pm and give the collection a chance to fit in your suitcase! What is your favourite Fillipa? Pre shop the collection now!

forever yours betty

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About Betty

I’m Betty, a tangerine haired, glasses wearing Scottish Fashion and Lifestyle blogger with a nose for a good sandwich and an eye for style. One half of vlogging duo Colour Pop Girls and Freelance Events & PR consultant based in Glasgow.


  1. Sheri, you curvaceous babe – You look absolutely fantastic in these shots. Adore that they are on film and are so natural. Nuala is such an incredible photographer. Great team, well done! xx

  2. Love everything about this shoot – the concept, the styling, your modelling and Nuala’s amazing photography. I’ve followed her on instagram for ages :) You look incredible in that green dress by the way! x


  3. Awww wow ladies thank you! You should see the photos of the actual model Kirsten, she looks incredible. I’m just chuffed to be able to look back and say I’ve done that! Such a fun project to be apart of! Thanks for the kind words xxxx

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