London feels like forever ago, but with one of my best pals (and original Swollock) moving down this weekend it has made me realise how excited I am to get  back to the big smoke. Obviously I need to give her time to get settled (then she and her man are getting some SERIOUS Betty spooning) but until then I know where I need to be, the Guoman Tower Hotel.

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Everyone loves staying somewhere fancy, so jumping out the taxi right beside the River Thames and directly underneath London’s Tower Bridge, I’m not gonna lie myself and Bee felt pretty special. As we made our way into the beautiful marble lobby, the staff were extremely helpful in sorting our booking, taking our luggage away and sitting us down for a good feed. We came to the realisation pretty soon that the manager thought that Bee and I were some sort of a power couple, we just thought to roll with it. Bee of course was the perfect husband when suggesting a glass of wine to top off the meal…

She’ll have the bottle…

We looked at the menu and since we were not too hungry (although we were London-good-food-greedy) we decided to share a starter and a main. For the starter we had to choose the Gonut. Yes you heard right, this was a goats cheese doughnut surrounded by slabs of beetroot and wonderful walnutty goodness, I would have easily had about 5 places of these! For the main we needed to go with the wonderfully named ‘The Farm’ option. From the most delicate lamb, melt-able beef to duck ravioli the whole farmyard gang was in attendance! Yes ladies and gents. This place was heaven and a must visit even if you aren’t staying there. DELISH!


When we got to our room our cases were ready there and waiting below the open cutrains to the most beautiful night sky and the whole of London before us. There is was – Tower Bridge and The Tower of London – sittin there lookin’ just beautiful. It was possibly one of the best views I’ve seen, complete cherry ontop of our London visit.

The breakfast was the best way to start your day. None of this one kind of egg deal, this breakfast screamed variety: fried, scrambled,omlettes THE LOT! I always tend to get a bit hypnotised from the omlette stand so that was pretty much me, topped with all the bacon and various sausage a girl can eat.

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When it came to our last night, the staff at Guoman Tower Hotel could not have been sweeter. Not only did they hook some sistas up with a lovely bottle of Prosecco (to Mrs and Mrs Stuart no less!) but after our dinner round the corner, they sent us a whole tray of desserts to round off our stay! Even though I was almost sick from eating all four deserts, I couldn’t have been happier!

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To me this was a stay of indulgence, everything from the pillows to the heat:pressure ratio in the shower was perfect. I can’t wait to visit again, and thank you so much to all the staff at the Guoman for making our stay so special. Have you ever stayed with Guoman? Where is your favourite venue?

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