So I strongly believe I am the best person I know at convincing people (including myself) to buy things, sand to the arabs and ice to the eskimos and all that, but this year I surprised myself. Not only did I not overspend during the January sales, but I RETURNED!!!!! That type of behavior deserves a treat right?

foreveryoursbetty tartan and bebaroque

So my Sale shopping started on Cyber Monday (last Monday before Christmas) where my beloved Miista had a £100 offer on ALL shoes. I have been looking for the perfect all white platform Stella esque boots for AN AGE, so when I saw their Virigina boots  I thought I’d hit the comfort jackpot! Until they arrived and I was gutted to see they were off white, not white. This is more devastating than I care to explain. So sent back and had £100 in the sale kitty to go back to the shopping start.


Virginia’s £100 from £185

Armed with my £100, I hit the ground running and went to my favorite High Street hotspots; River Island gave me nothing, New Look – nada and most importantly, the Zara Gods seemed to be casting me some shade. So disheartened I made the trek up to ‘The Good H&M‘ on Buchanan Street and searched for my beloved ‘Trend’ pieces, I bet you could picture my face when I found this baby half off…

foreveryoursbetty hm coat

H&M Paris Collection Wool Coat £50 from £100

I know I know, it’s my second coat from the same collection (I have the white ‘P Diddy’ Number), but at £50 for a 100% wool circus esque tail coat, I’d dare you not to buy it! (No seriously, you’d be mad!) When clutching the coat to my body and ramming through to the cash desk, I went for a quick look at the accessories and found this oh so Isabel Marant  necklace waiting for me. A steal at £5 (originally £14.99) it was decided the two of them were coming home with me. Fifty five quid down, half an outfit ready, it was off to Topshop.

foreveryoursbetty trend hm necklace

H&M Necklace £5 from £15

I’m pretty good at sales, the first main tip is if you see HUNNURS of the same thing there, do yourself a favour and just wait for the next drop down. There WILL be one soon. I spied this little Chiffon Tartan Skirt with PVC trim in Topshop just after Christmas for £25, i liked it, but my body wasn’t really made for pleats so in my mind i didn’t “Twenty-five-pound-like-it”. Two weeks later and VOILA! I most certainly “fifteen-pound-liked-it” and my total was up to £70. foreveryoursbetty tartan skirt

Topshop Skirt (Worn Above) £15 from £45

Every January I treat myself to a new set from Agent Provocateur. Their sales are RIDICULOUS and you can really pick up something that will make you feel marvelous – whether you have someone special in your life or not! This year I ended up with something a little different to add to my collection – Jet. She’s a piece of work so she is. Strappy as hell with an extra special overt to match. I love the way she looks under a sheer white shirt. And my total was up to £115.

jet bra

Jet Bra and Ouvert Set – Total £45 from £195

Last purchase of the sale had to be a goody to make the cut. As soon as my Beeloved called me about this House of Holland Silk Smoking dress I knew it would be rude not to investigate! After a swift try on post meeting, I surprisingly loved the shift shape and pockets – something extremely unusual for me! It was down from £195 to £45 so thought it would be the perfect addition for the comfy-yet-suitable-for-business wardrobe, especially with London Fashion Week around the corner! I just love a kitsch print, anyone got a light?


House of Holland Silk Smoking Dress £45 from £195

So technically speaking, I could have spent £550 if buying all items full price instead of the £160 I ended up paying.  TECHNICALLY since I returned the Miista’s presale I ACTUALLY only spent £60 sale shopping. A fantastic saving and spending result for Betty! What was your favourite sale purchases and care to share your first stop sale shops?

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