I would challenge you to find a photo of me without the infamous black bobble around my wrist. One of fashions apparent faux pas, the bobble wrist is something I have been practising since childhood and never got out the habit – even when my hair was short – there it was until Popbands came along.


Popbands are basically a bobble designed to look like some sort of festival band or a ribbon on your wrist. They are designed to be kind to your Barnet and don’t snag or rip your hair when using them. Having such long hair I can be pretty tough on my bobbles so I have been surprised that after a few months of using them, none have snapped  – pretty nifty eh?

popbands betty

Being the colour lover that I am I went for the bright mulitpack of 5 Popbands to get me started.  I was told that they didn’t leave your hair all kinky like your bog standard elastic, but after put into practise this isnt entirely true. Yes, the dents are dramatically reduced although not kinkless as what it says on the erm…packet but I’m happy with the reduction.  My one little gripe? Sometimes the loose end tie pops out of your side pony – emergency kirbies at the ready ladies!



To bobble or to Popband, that is the question….

With regards to the fashion side or things, I’m kinda missing my black band but certainly not the cut off circulation! I would say that Popbands are making me grow up a touch, they are SO much better for your hair, but perhaps I can just put one in each handbag and let go of the little girl heading to school with a black band around her wrist for emergencies….We’ll see how it goes!

If you would like to buy some Popbands, either order from the website here or head into Rainbow Room, George Square to pick them up local. Happy hairing!

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