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So I know we are all still catching our breath after the recent debut of Jeremy Scott’s first collection for Moschino (THE COW PRINT!) but there is something closer to home has caught my attention this week – The Trash Rack.



If like me you are slightly (OK, absurdly) obsessed with instagram you may have came across the beautiful Lindsay Lowie before. Since spying the twenty two year old stunner from Derry (central Scotland FYI) I was totally drawn in by her long locks, limbs and enviable style,  so when I saw she was launching her own shop, I thought I’d catch up with her and get all the goss!

Hey Lindsay! You just launched your first online store – The Trash Rack – this week, when did you start making clothes?

I’ve always been into customising my own clothes, however I only started learning how to sew just over a year ago. During my final year at University, I was asked to write my dissertation on “what I wanted to do with the rest of my life”. It hit me that Sport Studies was definitely NOT it. So I dropped out and decided to attend an evening course at college for clothing manufacturing. I LOVED it and started to save for my own machine.

Wow! I love a eureka moment! What made you finally take the plunge from a hobby into something more?

My friends have always encouraged me to sell my clothes, but I never really considered it until some dude on the bus asked me where I got my ‘weird’ leggings. I thought “THEY ARE WEIRD! And I bet more weirdo’s like em too!”

We certainly do! So is your everyday style inspiration similar to your designing inspiration?

My style kind of depends on my mood, but I guess I take inspiration from 90’s movies and certain fashion blogs. Tumblr always gives me inspiration for making new clothes!

So what’s the story on the name?

To be honest, there isn’t much of a story behind it, apart from being considered to be ‘trashy’ sometimes… Me and my friends would get so drunk that we’d fall over, burn holes in our clothes and roll around the booze covered floor. I wore my XXX leggings on a night out, and had to bin them the following day. Oops!

Oops indeed! You have 10 products available at the moment, what should we expect from The Trash Rack in the future?

Expect to see more cut & sew items in the future, along with new awesome fabrics and digital prints.

Thank’s for the catch up Lindsay! Now, lets get down to the clathes! Personally, I find the 90’s trend quite difficult to rock. I think you need either that air of Gwen Stefani or Courtney Love  about you to pull off the  look properly. In saying that, there are two 90’s trends that I totally can get on board with 1) Hidious all white platform shoes (thank you Stella McCartney) and 2) The Crop top and if there is one thing that drew me in to The Trash Rack, it would need to be  the ‘Whatever’ top.



Whatever Crop – £25

I’m as big a Clueless fan as the next guy and seeing this yellow tartan turtle neck crop got me ‘like totally buggin’. All I need now is a matching tartan skirt, white shirt and BAM my teenage dream outfit would be complete!


XXX Leggings – £40

Even though Lindsay didn’t have much luck on her night out, I am so drawn to the XXX leggings. I am a sucker for anything with texture at the moment, and I would love to slip in to these bad boys teamed with a chunky fluffy knit and a big statement necklace. Her prices really are unbelievable for hand made pieces, what’s your favourite items in The Trash Rack?

forever yours betty
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