Kay so I know I’m no getting married, having a baby or even having some lavish dinner party but does a girl need an excuse to have a bit of a thing for fonts? Well not anymore! I think I have found one of my new favourite websites in the form of Love VS. Design.


I started following these guys on the beloved Pintrest and my love just grew from there. They make it so easy for everyone and anyone to have sleek, contemporary and most importantly personal designs to suit any budget. Whether you are printing professionally, at home or stealing from your workplace printer (never recommended of course!) Love VS. Design have made it so easy to add a little bit of ‘you’ into every situation. There are SO many to choose from and  customise to your own style, there are some lovely examples if you are getting hitched, here are a few of my favourites for all you sickening love birds out there…





If like me, you have no excuse to do any of your own personalised designs, why not stick to their Free Printables and do something different for yer Da this year? Mind it’s only two weeks away till Father’s Day! Why not make him a wee twirly gig on a straw that you know he always wanted! Just me?










So whether or not you think of yourself to be a Crafty Creature or like me yer aw fingers and thumbs, Love VS. Design does exactly what it says in the tag line – Pick it, Personalise it and Print it for stationary aw yer pals will be gabbing about for ‘stitch and bitches’ to come! I love the little lemon placemat, What are you gonna get printed?!



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