Whenever a big night out is coming I always say “I’m not gonna buy anything, I have enough!! STOP ME!” but my severe lack of willpower conquers again, thanks to free next delivery at ASOS, but I figured it was a bargain AND it was a triple celebration with Kirsty Swollock turning 27, a Sophie departure for a French adventure and Mary Swollocks job offer of a lifetime. I think i could let it slide…

Quilted Yellow Dress ASOS Β£27.50

Let me tell you the colour was a tad misleading but when I got it out the packet, I did love the contrast it has with my hair almost immediately! I The birthday girl was going with another ASOS number in one of our favourites – gingham – in our hue – pastel. If Diana Ross was a 60’s housewife, you’d be sure as dammit it would look a little something like this…(Yes i believe she would also wear piggy slippers..)

The incredible thing about this friendship is that we both get inspired by the same things, we are always caught out chatting about the same inanimate objects on some strange website, honestly, it’s quite spooky. This time, we actually did go together like ramabamalama dadingkidedingkeydong…this was the Swollocks, accidentally do Preen!

This collection was one of my favourite for Spring Summer 2012, I would pretty much wear the whole collection, it has everything I need; drama, playfulness and pastels of course! And with my yellow quilted number, Kirsty’s Powder blue meets Mary’s Lace we had it all i think we embodied it perfectly!

Shout Bamalama at Blackfriers had some belters for shaking, twisting and mash potato’ing!Β  I was so happy for a night out with the girls, and I must admit, seeing one of us flee the nest upsets me, it seems tones of my nearest and dearest are getting out of Glasgow, and oor Mary is quite an inspiration to myself and Kirsty. Without her, there would be no Betty Swollocks, that took 3 minds, some whiskey and a helluva lot of laughs…

It’s not just the Swollock name that binds us three burds together, we have another love, in the shape of a Wayne Coyne and his big fat flaming lips! We have been there, front row with fits in the air and as soon as we hear the first strum of ‘Do you Realise’ that’s it, we run, we cry, we hug, we laugh and we always ALWAYS tell each other how much we love each other like its our dying day. It’s our thing and it’s the most joyous thing that I have been privileged enough to experience on numerous occasions, so here’s to you Wayne Coyne! Cheers fur giving all three of us these memories to take with us wherever we go!

These photies were taken around the UK by Kirsty, that burd sure knows how to capture a moment! ….told ye we were front row…

I hate to think what we’ll be like when May comes around, but once a Swollock, always a Swollock! Some people will always have Paris, we will always have Wayne.Β  I’ll love you you two broads till my heart stops.


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