The newest bi monthly on the block – Heart & Lungs is a zine like no other. Published by the wonderful iheart…it a platform for inspiring local creatives and a plethora of information about whats happening within the quirky crafty community in Scotland.


Front Cover by Beverly Cottrell

Heart & Lungs was created to inspire people to get creating, people don’t make half as much as they did in my day and its time we start getting our hands dirty. If you can made something your proud of, or want to learn how to further your crafty passion, Heart & Lungs is the zine for you.

As a proud Scottish independent zine, Heart & Lungs want to share with their readers any new events that you would like to promote to their readers. All you need to do is put all the information on your event into the listings on the webpage and bobs your auntie.

The core of Heart & Lungs is the contribution of its readers. They are always on the hunt for new blood and by creating themes and yearning for new talent to come forward and just hit send. You never know who is gonna be the next best thing, but I think Heart & Lungs has a pretty good eye for the unique.

Here are a few of my favourite contributors for the first issue. The theme? Bears and Beards.


Lady Lux

Holly Clement

Heart & Lungs wants to live in a world where art is accessible to all, so they have taken the first step, by allowing YOU to decide how much you pay for it. Buy it here for issue # 1.

Excited Yet? Roll on June 1st.

Forever yours,


Betty xxxLink

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