Beige. Usually a word I say to describe something boring and lacklustre, like Coldplay. But now for some reason, it’s a hue I can’t get enough of.  As someone who struggles to with black (am I the only one with this problem?!) neutrals have been that go to colour after navy. But sometimes neutrals from tans to beige to brown can be tricky to wear, what with the skin-dulling, frump making effects that they can bring. But fear not! I seem to have mastered the art of neutrals without washing yourself out. Ladies, it’s all about being tan to toe.

IMG_0747 (1)

It sounds like another arm to my ‘go bit or go home’ motto but after trying to style up what I thought were easy to wear pieces, I realised the best way to wear them was all together. I’ve talked about this whole dressing by numbers thing before, but never really thought that neutrals would be included within that  rule. Really, the key to styling an H2T neutral look is all about mixing your hues and textures to keep you from looking like a giant biscuit. I mixed some classic cashmere with leather, patent and perspex to keep things from becoming too clinical. I mean, it’s hardly the most inspiring of hues so texture for me was key to bring it all together.

IMG_0738IMG_0740orange hairIMG_0748

I’ve been championing this vintage leather jacket from Beyond Retro for over a year now.   I love the intense tan colour how it can instantaneously lift a whole outfit and give a seventies feel. Jackets, handbags and shoes are the perfect way to introduce a new depth of colour to the outfit. I mean, if I went with my classic camel coat my style inspo may has well have been a Lady Finger.  Nobody want’s that now, do they?

IMG_0735IMG_0742orange hair neutrals

Jacket: Beyond Retro, Trousers and shoes: Zara, Cashmere: Boden, Bag: Radley, Necklace: Vintage

Having bright hair means I have a constant pop of colour to every outfit, but adding my new favourite multi coloured Jonathan Saunders X Radley bag finished the look perfectly. I would say that was deliberate but there’s something about me and handbags that I just want to wear them to death before even thinking about switching to another. This bag is no exception and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. How will you be wearing neutrals this season?

forever yours betty

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  1. Love the jacket – you look like you belong on a 70s cop show! I’ve always struggled with black too so it’s not just you. I’ve started to embrace it and have also found myself wearing it H2T.

  2. Yea if I’m wearing black I tend to go big or go home with some cute accent accessories! I love me some 70’s cop action! X

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