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When it comes to burgers it’s safe to say that Glasgow is a little obsessed. OK, a lot obsessed. With around 8 burger joints dotted along ‘The Burger Quarter’ we have grown awfy fond of the patty. And why not? They’re oh so delicious, filling and reliable. But, between the incessant rain and the lackluster quality of many establishments, Weegies are often found pining for a taste of sunny Americana, and luckily our prayers were answered with proper hamburgers from Byron. 

byron glasgow

 There are few things in life that are as satisfying as a really good burger – juicy, meaty and with all the right toppings. And when I say toppings, I mean cheese. Freddar Cheese to be exact. This is basically the only cheese option you should go with your Byron burger. Made exclusively for them and created by their head chef Fred, Freddar came from their love of that beautiful American fake plastic cheese, but this time, with flavour. Using the perfect mix of Cheddar, Red Leister and a sprinkle of Parmesan, Freddar basically encompasses everything I want in a burger cheese: tangy, flavoursome, with the most beautiful melt. For reals, it ain’t easy being that cheesy. You can hear all about it (amongst other cheese-related puns) in our interview with Fred in this weeks Colour Pop Girls Vlog below.
byron signsbyron burgerByron west goerge street
Two of my regular pet peeves with burgers are 1) crappy meats and 2) dem buns that fall apart in your hands until you are left holding the meat. Byron sure shows other burger joints how it’s done by using quality Scottish beef which is ground fresh and cooked medium for a lovely pink-middle finish. The buns are ‘squishy’ with a beautiful shine to them, most importantly, they stay intact for the entire burger. Can I get an AMEN?!
byron-680x510byron byron outfitsAn outfit to eat in: Dress: Nobody’s Child, Tights: Bebaroque, Waistcoat: Topshop,
Shoes: Zara, Glasses: IOLLA 
While you may go to Byron for the burgers , you’ll probably stay for other reasons. There was a load of highlights that got my belly excited for round 2. First off,  dem wings. Fred creates the perfect juicy crunch using rice flour, which has ruined all other wings for me entirely. Washed down by a boozy milkshake – my choice was Irn Bru with Bourbon or Reeses with Rum – there really isn’t a reason why you would want to leave.  Seriously, though, I’m going back this weekend.

As with every Byron, the new restaurant on 100 West George Street is uniquely and individually designed, transforming the former bank into somewhat of a bright, industrial burger Bauhaus. I was having some severe clock and light envy for sure. Will you be heading to Byron any time soon? Make sure you hit that checklist – wings, Freddar and shake! I’d suggest some stretchy pants too…

forever yours betty

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  1. We got a Byron in Aberdeen a couple of months back and I’ve been more times than I would like to admit. They really do know how to do a good burger! Courgette fries with blue cheese dip is my go to side but may have to branch out into wings next time.

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