Whether you’re looking to protect your skin or simply want to elevate your jeans-and-tee combo, hats are destined to be your go-to accessory this summer. Why? Just think of all the options, in one swift swoop you can transform yourself from a seventies soul sista to a rhinestone cowboy which, let’s face it, is always a good look. So when the Brixton hats arrived at Abandon Ship Apparel just the other week, it was only a matter of time before I got together with Honeypop for a game of cowboys and witches!


Of all the items in my wardrobe, a good hat always has always held the power to tap right into my imagination. There really is nothing like finding a hat that’s good for you. I’ve been rocking a few for a while but started to invest in a few of my favourite styles and Brixton hats have been at the top of the list. Really, anyone can wear these hats. Brixton have made a fabulous collection of hats that suit most face shapes. My favourite though? Has to be the Tiller (one with the leather tassles!) and at just £55 you really can’t complain when it comes to quality.

12_05_15_ASA_BRIXTON_SHERRI_AMANDA-139_FOR_WEB12_05_15_ASA_BRIXTON_SHERRI_AMANDA-168_FOR_WEB12_05_15_ASA_BRIXTON_SHERRI_AMANDA-108_FOR_WEBFrom beanies to trillbys, fedoras to flat caps, there really is no one like Brixton. While woven, floppy styles give a nod to the ‘70s boheo vibe (which I adore btw), more structured options have the power to both polish off and make any look effortlessly cool. Some people feel like hats are quite brave, but I’m loving the shift of seeing them come into the mainstream. The more hats the merrier!


Whatever the weather, headgear is not a seasonal suggestion. The most important thing to takeaway here is to wear your hat with confidence; don’t let the hat wear you! What’s your favourite hat to wear? Be sure to let me know below or on twitter @foreverursbetty.

forever yours betty

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