There’s a lot to be said for the Skinny Jean. With the ’70s well and truly taking over our wardrobes we ask ourselves, are Skinny Jeans over? From wide-legged flares to big-time bell-bottoms, big floaty silhouettes are really having a moment and the biggest comeback of ’em all has to be the flared jean. I’ve barely been out of mine so I thought I’d give my 70’s style a skinny  jean makeover. Who says we need to dedicate ourselves to just one shape, not me!


Our  wardrobes would be a real unhappy place without at least one slim fitting pair of jeans. Ever since that sexy Levi’s man stripped off his jeans into a washing machine, denim has held a very special place in our hearts. It is with this misconception of washing said denims that may mislead people into thinking a clean jean is a happy jean. Wrong. Denim is pretty much one of the most hardcore fabrics you can buy. Over time and with frequent wear, even the “perfect” pair of jeans can fall prey to sagging, bagging, and fading, but that doesn’t mean you need a new pair! Make sure you treat your denim right so you can get the best wear whatever shape you decide to wear.


Here’s my top tips for taking care of all your denim.

  1. Don’t wash regularly. I mean it. Litterally wait until they are close to walking to the machine on their own before you take them there, denim is a working fabric and needs it’s exercise to keep in tip top condition. Some denim enthusiasts don’t even wash their jeans, but put them in a poly bag in the freezer which kills all the nasties without damaging the colour. Smart eh?
  2. When it’s finally time to give your jeans a wash, ALWAYS turn them inside out to keep the colour, black and indigo jeans especially! A good trick is adding half a cup of vinegar when washing them which will help the colour from running.  Just remember to not include any other items in your wash when doing this!
  3. Wash your jeans in cold water and leave them to dry hanging, this should bring back their original shape. Never. EVER tumble dry. EVER!
  4. Buy jeans that fit. We are all guilty of buying jeans that look great (when trying on) but feel like shit, or vice versa. When you are buying jeans take notice of the pocket placement on the butt as well as any stretching areas as these are the places that will no doubt stretch first. If it is all located to a key area that needs a stretch, try a few squats to loosen them up a bit!
  5. Length. If you have short legs like me, it can be hard to find the right length of jeans for you. Personally, I like my skinny jeans to be a bit shorter than the normal and sit right above my ankle. If your jeans are too long, don’t do the chunky roll up! Give them a wee trim with some kitchen scissors to lose the bulk and give the option to wear down. Add some extra detail by freying the hem if you’re feeling frisky (like mine pictures below!)


Denim Jacket: 10 Years Old, Shirtdress: Primark, Jeans: Topshop (Bixlr)

Belt: Dad’s old, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Bag: H&M, Briads by BLOW

Jeans are the most common item of clothing to be found piled sky high in most charity shops. There’s a reason why they last so long but why do we need like 7 pairs of each style? I can’t get enough of denim, double denim, hell even triple denim! But, I’m determined to only buy jeans that are different from each other. Just remember that trends come and go, but keep the pieces that are bound to come back again. This counts for pretty much every piece of denim you own. My only rule is if it was wrong first time around, no doubt it won’t be good the second (hiya super low rise jeans). For more hints and tips how to look after your clothes, head to the Love Your Clothes website for tonnes of advice and meet ups. Do you think you’ll be tossing aside your skinny’s for flares? Make sure you put them some place safe until next time. Whatever you wear, just make sure you make the most of them!

forever yours betty



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  1. I’m the worse with jeans- I can’t help but wash them. Mostly as I’m a really messy person. So I always by the best fit jeans and plenty of fabric dye to keep their colour.

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