You know when a piece of clothing develops a second wind? I have owned this stunning red blazer from Daks London for over 10 years and I think I have only just now found out how to wear it.

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It was one of our (then weekly) jaunts to TK Maxx, me and my Mum would be running around picking up things repeating (or shouting as the case may be)  the name of the brand followed by the price. It was a fun game we would play to try shock each other with the best found bargains. My mum has always been a massive style icon for me, I grew up listening to her tell me all about her Biba and Bus Stop wardrobe,  as well as educating me on quality brands from a young age – even when we couldn’t afford them! One Sunday we (well, she) came across this incredible Daks London blazer with leather shoulder detail. I tried it on and yea I liked it but I think my mum was so in love with it (and the price) to let it slip away, and boy am I glad she never! Jsst look at it…

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I cannot for the life of me remember how much she paid for it but it is only in the past year that I have really truly appreciated its beauty. The length, the fabric choice, the accented shoulder, the chestnut buttons, hell, the lining – it is perfect. I have worn it more times this year than I have in its whole lifetime, maybe I just needed to grow into it!

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I decided to keep it tonal and wear my Naromode ‘Frankie’ top with a pair of Topshop jeans (which I frayed at the bottom) and my now go to Dorothy Perkins sandals.  I am not sure how a Tshirt with headless ducks (stunningly) printed onto silk could put such a smile on my face, but Naromode always do. The way they translate a story within their collections can only be described as magic. Check out their collections based on the Grimms Brothers tales The White Snake and Snow White.

‘So he cut off her head and as she was being dressed for the spit, the queens ring was found inside.’-Brothers Grimm ‘The White Snake’ 

photo 3 (22)photo 2 (22)I can’t wait to take this bad boy to LFW, and hopefully wear it to the Daks show while I’m there! I’m this isn’t the last time that I get a new found love for an item of clothing, I would encourage all of you to delve deep into your wardrobe for the items ‘only your mother could love’ and give them a whirl. Ye never know, they may become your new found favourites.

forever yours betty

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  1. Gosh I think I’d have binned it in that time-though the sentimental meaning would make that difficult. Great that you’ve now got into it’s stride, it looks fab, especially how you’ve styled it here. It looks totally orange though from here and you say red, is it the camera being mean and not photographing red well or is it a kinda orangey red?

  2. It’s an orangey red, but with the tweedy fabric it’s one of those that some folk will say red and others orange. I could never get rid of it tho, I always loved it just not on me. Just needed to grow into it! Xx

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