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I’m not one to do things in halves. If I’m in to something I go all the way, full bhuna until I sicken myself or in this case, it becomes my signature staple, how much orange is too much anyway?!


My names Betty and  I am an orange addict. From hair to nails, from cheeks to lips I’ll bet you’ll find a wee sunburst somewhere! That’s why when I stumbled across this Lip ‘Paint’ from Topshop called Low Down I knew I had to add it to my collection!

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I was intrigued by the term lip ‘paint’ and as I played with the tester I was surprised to find the bright pigment that came from the tube. I’m not yer sheer ‘tint’ kind a burd, I like a good statement but this Lip Paint had something completely new to offer! With a few layers (wait until each layer dries to not make a smudgy mess!) you can get a really strong bold lip. If you want a nice wee glow, you can take excess off the brush for something a little less daring but unusual shade.

photo 2

photo 1

My #dailydown feat. Zara Bag, Whistles Playsuit (COULOTTES!!), Clarks Shoes, Primark Belt and H&M Tee

As always with Topshop lipsticks and glosses, this has smooth application and a lovely vanilla/creamy scent and taste! There were a few more colours – well shades of orange – in the sale so I would definitely try out another! Great for the £5 price sticker and matches perfectly with my matching nails hair   Zara bag! Have I gone too far, or just a touch too much?! Don’t forget to follow Betty on Instagram via bettyswollocksnet :)




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