Oh David Lynch, love of my life, you are nothing if not consistent—and for once, that’s not a bad thing! Roll out your best Audrey Horne outfit and slice that cherry pie because the man Lynch has got a new album out in July!


The Big Dream, has so far meant exactly that to me so far. Launching with a wonderfully serene yet doo wop collaboration with  Lykke Li titled “I’m Waiting Here.”, Lynch has done his best chalk into cheese when churning out his new single ‘Star Dream Girl’ which all I can describe is an industrial – although pleasureable – slap in the face. Listen for yourself below…

The lyrics tell the classic story of guy fancies burd, burd teases guy, guy looses burd, accompanied with hardcore bass and drums which would make Nine Inch Nails jealous, topped off with some Twin Peaks-style edge. Just lovely.


The Ultimate Twin Peaks Style Icon – Audrey Horne.

There seems to be a (really sexy) bromance happnin with Mr Lynch and NIN frontman Trent Reznor since collaborating in the 1997 classic Lost Highway. Rumour has it Lynch is directing the video to their new single  ‘Came Back Haunted’ from their up and coming album ‘Hesitation Marks’ which as far as I am led to believe is also really sexy. Slap on a beard or two and you have The Big Dream just for Betty! Ooft…


What is your thoughts and the releases so far? Blows ‘Crazy Clown Time’ oot the water if ye ask me…just me?


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