The Queen. She’s everywhere. On the telly is one thing, you can change it, there’s a choice, but when there is a collectors bumper edition of Grazia dedicated to her “style icon status” I beg to differ. One suit in many colours (see pantone below) does not scream style icon in the made or making.


To be honest, I dont care what she wares. She looks perfectly lovely. I don’t see any other Granny we would dedicate so many column inches to, but usually I’d have an argument and say “What has the Queen done for me lately?! Eh?!” but this time she has given us all something as a wee treat for suckin up to her for all those 60 years. A few days off and some bloody good sales…



The OutNet is offering up to 70 % off British designers like Alexander McQueen , Twenty8Twelve, Stella McCartney, Burberry, Christoper Kane, Vivienne Westwood and Victoria Beckham. The fashions are not necessarily cheap but with those Scottish Fashion Awards coming up, I thought this information may come in handy for some! Not me unfortunately but some indeed!


ASOS are also having having a Jubilee Weekender sale thingy with savings of 2o% off of – yes, you guessed it, another Royal over rated favourite – Kate Middleton’s favorite High Street shops like Whistles and French Connection. You can also celebrate with four free Do It Yourself Crowns designed by British designers. I’m no Royalist but every girl needs a crown. I’m a Preen Princess myself…





Hope everyone enjoys their long weekend, I’ll be venturing far far away from any TV’s and/or Royal parifanalia, drinking Irn Bru with a fish supper complaining how 99’s are no longer 99p. Ahh Bank Holidays…


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  1. One of the older ladies on my trip was baffled at the fact that I wasn’t a Royalist and didn’t understand when I explained I was Scottish, not British. Had to hold myself back from having a full blown argument! Union Jack bunting and watching some old wifey talk shite? I’ll go halfers on your bru & fish supper any day! x

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