So as you know Betty’s been a busy wee bee lately. With a big promotion doing PR and Marketing for House of Fraser Glasgow, it has given me the opportunity to go to some pretty fabulous doo’s, but this one was the most fabulous one of all – The Scottish Fashion Awards.

Let me tell you, I was really lucky to have got the promotion when I did, it was the perfect timing thebiggest fashion event in the country was right around the corner and not only did I get to attend, but I also got to represent my company at the Brand Partners table and get some time with some really talented people. It was pretty damn nervwracking…I mean, what was I gonna wear?!?!


After many try on sessions in work I went with a stunning crepe full length BCBG Max Azria gown with a jem trimmed collar. It fit like it was made for me and the colour complimented my freshly topped up barnet and after a gift card bonus from the boss I got it for an absolute bargain! it pains me that I don’t know when I will fit in it get to wear it again.I topped it off with gold and black stroppy sandals from Zara and a lovely wee envelope clutch from New Look. All in all I spent £116 on the wears but that was some bargaining!


Next was the hair. I didn’t want to do the usual hair up when you have a pretty neckline, my hairs my thing so I wanted to show off the good job Mrs Cammerbrook did on the Friday, so to the side it was. Now I had an idea it was off to Rainbow Rooms International on George Square to consult with one of their hairstylists Cara and boy can that girl work on a deadline! I was thrilled. I’ve never seen myself so polished and she was full of hints and tips. I’ll be seeing her again very soon!


Next was my make up. I was fast off the mark to book in Fiona from Nars in my work to do the job. She is a talented lady and her creativity was just the thing I needed all over my face! I gave her comeplete freedom to do whatever she liked and the results were beautiful. I was ready.


So at my table there was *deep breathe* John King (ultimately the King of Frasers), Paul Mitchell (store manager), Gill Moore (number 2 of HOF Glasgow), the big guns of the Marketing team from head office – Alistair Scott, Cathrine Riccomini and Lucy Willis. To say it was a big deal was an understatement. But I think I did ok! We had three guests at our table; fashion editors Eva Arrighi (The Herald) and Julie Hannah (The Daily Record) and last but not least, my date for the night, the wonderful and talented author of the amazing New York blog Advanced Style – Ari Seth Cohen.


We had a blast, it felt like fate as Miss Claire Stuart and i were just talking about missing his recent book launch in HOF Oxford Street that month. I hope we meet again, and he still remembers the key Scottish words I taught him throughout the duration of the evening!


The awards were amazing. The level of talent in the room was unbelievable. I couldn’t believe I was there, right in about it! It was great being on celeb watch pretty much on your doorstep and it felt amazing to see so much exposure for Scottish fashion! I don’t get star struck but I do definitely get stunning struck as when I saw …David Gandy…standing. Right. In front of me. I almost choked on my 3rd Moët…


After struggling with a two day hangover, it is safe to say the event was an all out success! I am just so delighted that not only I got to attend, but that I got to go and see lots of my pals names in lights! Not for the first time may I add! All the winners were amazing, but I must admit, always been a bit of a loser myself. Huge well done to Obscure Couture, Isolated Hereos, Rebecca Torres (shassy), Jenivieve Berlin and the Bonniest of Bling, you all were the sexiest and talented bunch of losers I’ve ever seen!!!




Congrats to all the winners and nominees and to Heartmann Media for the braw spread, brilliant night and delightful Holly Fulton goodybag! I’ll sign off tonight with some photos kindly given to me by Artur Drazkowski from X Project Media. Back to reality!





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  1. looks like an amazing gig ,,,,,, and you fit right in with your amazingness …..nick from the north

  2. You managed to keep your cool at the bosses table! I’m slightly jealous of the VIP dinner (us plebs from the cheap seats went to KFC!)
    Sweet post miss betty ! x

  3. You look crazy gorgeous…obvo. I have already told you this like a bajillion times. Also…so glad to know what a meringue handbag is. Gurl can sleep easy. xxx

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