Since being commissioned as the Creative Director of Diet Coke, Jean Paul Gaultier wanted to put the sex back into the brand since the diet coke man grew old, fat and grey. He decided to celebrate his new position with a limited edition exclusively for Harvey Nicks and will be released nationwide from tomorrow!!


20120415-225938.jpg These really are the chic-est bottles on the market, each one embodies Jean Paul Gaultier’s infamous signature styles three different looks. The first two looks – day and night – will be released first. 20120415-224926.jpg The day look is the staple Gaultier stripes… 20120415-225654.jpg …and the night giving a nod to big Madge in her Blonde Ambition tour. 20120415-225704.jpg 20120415-225749.jpg The third bottle which will be released later in the year is inspired by his love of Tattoos. I need all three in my life. Diet Coke even made a little three part online ad starring Jean Paul and those little weirdly cute puppets. I do love Gaultiers humour in the ads, you wouldn’t catch the last

collaborator – Karl Largerfeld doing that! Check his shitey attempt! 20120415-225730.jpg If there is one thing you need to know about me, its that I have a weirdly obsessive thing about packaging. I hoard it, treasure it in the dream that I will display it in my future walk in wardrobe. Whilst spending quality time in my future dream wardrobe I would like to be sipping my (full fat) Coke in my limited edition collectors glass whilst sifting through trinkets from the adorable tin. I do also like a good tin. I can thank the 12 items I sold on eBay for that!! 20120415-225712.jpg 20120415-230342.jpg

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  1. Love the new bottles, but god I can’t stand those bloody puppets! Shame he hasn’t designed any Pepsi bottles… haha! x

  2. Yea I really don’t like their accents! But the outfits are cute!! Especially the stripe one! I ended up watching them in French, MUCH better!!

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