Second on our Crafty Christmas list is a wee indie seller from over the pond, Beat Up Creations.

 Sir Odobenous Rosmarus Portrait £27
Princess Pinniped of the Caspian Sea Print £11
Heathers School Portrait £13
Hunters School Portrait £10

This is my favourite kind of seller, someone who sticks up for the thrown out and abandoned and makes it feel loved again. I know, if I was a plate, I would feel loved again with a Regal Creature on my face…wouldn’t you?


  Albino Afro Man from the Circus Collection £27
Hazel the Zebra £21
The desired effect….


Prints and plates are not Beat up Creations only talent, they make very interestingly weird sculptures out of even more random objects, take Jilly the Black Widow for example. Jilly is a sadist spider as most Black Widows are. She is made from porcupine quills, antique porcelain doll head, swarovski crystals – for red tummy, clay and a lorra lorra love.


But, if I could give any money saving Swollock advice? It would be go for these bad boys…

Anthropomorphic Series Blank Cards £10
School Portrait Series Cards £10

You can really get your moneys worth with these! With 6 in a pack for a tenner you can go buy some small frames and voila! 6 pressies for the price of 1…MAN I love a bargain!! And if these are not tempting on their own, receive an extra 10% off your items by entering the code HAPPYHOLIDAY when your at the checkout. Just remember that this recycling beauty is in LA so if you want this before Christmas you need to get your order in for the 9th of December! Don’t say I didn’t warn ye!

Forever yours,

Betty xoxo

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