First of all, Betty would like to apologise for the lack of postage this past week. After a very long and busy week hobnobbing and solving crime, I can finally tell you some exciting news…Biba is Back! Being the social butterfly of all decades, there is nothing that shows the essence

of 60s and 70s fashion more than Biba.  


  The House of Fraser is set to relaunch the iconic brand in what is being hailed as the biggest launch in its history. Biba will launch across 35 Frasers stores and online this September. There will be 10 Flagship concessions across the UK and luckily one of them is the ever fashionable Glasgow. Check out the sexy new interior:  

Biba Flagship Boutique Concept Image from Fashionmag.com

  Founded by Barbara Hulanicki, Biba created the definitive look of the swinging 60s and the many summers of love of the 70s. With regulars such as Twiggy, The Rolling Stones, and Brigitte Bardot, Biba really was too cool for school. Theatrical and unique, Biba’s new collection gives a new take on classic looks. The design team have used archive pieces to maintain the ‘passion and energy of the original Biba brand’. The designers have stayed true to the original aesthetic – velvets, brocade and of course leopard print will play a huge part in the opening collection.  


  Biba will be launching in House of Frasers everywhere on Thursday the 9th of September. There will be shows galore and limited edition pieces and knick knacks for everyone to behold! Betty will keep you all up to date with all the inside scoop as it happens. Until then, its back to the unbelievably hectic schedule. Saying that, with all these exciting things happening, Betty wouldn’t want it any other way. Forever yours,   Betty xoxo

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  1. oooooo…look forward to checking this out! Still trying to track down the 'Beyond Biba' movie as missed it at GFT! x

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