Tights and stockings are my two favourite add on items in pretty much every shop. I go out my way for more colours, patterns and textures almost subconsciously. That is why when I see a good pair of stem cover-upperers (as hell, mines most certainly need them!) I have to investigate! So when we were selling at the brilliant Granny Would be Proud Vintage fair last Sunday, a lovely girl wiggled past wearing a pair of these bad boys:



Ever the supporter of a good pair of 80+ denier I had to stop and ask where the hell she got her fabulous nylons. She told me she bought them from the Say No to Plastic Vintage Fair a month previous and there were various other designs. She did not prepare me for the delight which is the hosiery artists name…




Yes. Tights for Sore Eyes. What a name. I loved them already. Unfortunately, after a few too many Β£3 Strawberry Mojitos I couldn’t for the life of me remember it! This is when the wonders of Facebook step in. I posted the pictures of the fair stating my love for the beautiful block colour teapots (which instantly made me think of my tea obsessed friend Anna) and asked all friends of the Swollock “Who makes these tights?!!”. Thankfully, the beautiful Kerri from We Are the Robots reminded me of the name and also told me that they might be putting some of their leg art in Made In the Shade’s Maisonette! I really hope I see these ladies around the Glasgow Turf because Betty is a fan.

Tights for Sore Eyes was created by cousins Nicky and Danni McWilliams and seem to be powering through the craft fairs. I think they are going to do brilliantly, especially after seeing a couple more of their designs on their blog.



Betty wants to tax these ones:




Catch these ladies while you can because I have a feeling they are gonna get Glasgow showin off their decorated pins very soon.

Forever yous,


Betty xxx

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  1. I told Fred to get in touch with these girls when I found out about them! I'd be terrified of ripping them but god…I can't resist me a good pair of tights.


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