There was a time when ‘at-home’ beauty conjured up images of brassy blondes, bad tans, and 90’s teen movie makeovers. A gloopy face mask here, a strip of wax there, plus or minus the guessing game of how much bleach to add to peroxide, but that’s all changing.  Sally’s is seriously upping the ante on all things makeup, hair, and skin. And this month, they are making a professional out of all of us, giving away these gorge beauty boxes worth over £100.


Being the world’s largest supplier of pro hair and beauty products means Sally really knows a thing or two on beauty must-haves! Best described as beauty lovers best-kept secret, these beauty boxes are the perfect starter kit to keep all your products. Safe, secure, and glittery (!!!), the box contains 14 products including face masks, body cream, eyelash curlers, nail polish, and eyeliner among other treats, and is yours to take home with every £50 spend on beauty in store or online. You can check out the details here! 

I’ve always been pretty well versed in the greatness of Sally’s. My Mum used to work there before I was born, so pretty much all of her beauty questions were always answered there. Even today, it can still take me by surprise on what they offer the everyday customer!  From sleep-in rollers to fake tan and nail varnish to hair dryers, Sally’s is your one-stop shop for everything hair and beauty. Here’s what I picked up while shopping in their Glasgow store.


Now my hair is getting long again  I’ve been really enjoying styling it. But if there’s one thing my trips to #BLOW tell me, it’s that my brush and product game are dire. Apparently, a good brush can really do wonders to your hair game, so I picked up these two for volume and shine (for bangs and the rest) plus some ceramic rollers. I’ve tried the standard velcro ones before but never really mastered them. I am hoping the extra weight will give me the big hair I am waiting to not care about!


I also picked up Bed Head’s ‘Joyride’ texturizing balm, which my hair stylist, Teagan, religiously finishes my hair with. Now, as someone who has only recently started using heat protection – late to the party as ever – any product that isn’t hairspray I can find a little intimidating, but this stuff? What did I even do without it?! Reminiscent of ‘dust it’ without the disgusting feels, Joyride is easy to use and is a great addition to most styles. Plus, it smells INCREDIBLE too!


Another little surprise I got from my trip to Sally’s was an introduction to a makeup brand, Lord and Berry. After a quick google to check their cruelty-free status (note: they are), it turns out that many beauty blogs have names L&B one of the beauty world’s most underrated brands. With MAC style packaging (sleek and black)  and quality but for a  cheaper price, they are definitely a brand I want to look further into, but for now? I’m gonna start with trying out this incredible yellow eyeshadow, I mean, would you look at that pigment?


Wearing Lord and Berry Eyeshadow, Ray Ban Signet Glasses from Glasses Direct

So whether you are a beauty novice or expert, be sure to head one of Sally’s 250 stores and take advantage or their choice of over 5000 professional products. With your Spring Beauty Box in toe, all you need to do is fill it! Have you ever shopped in Sally’s?

forever yours betty




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