What do you get when you combine two strong women, self employment, ambition, anxiety and a no holes barred relationship? A ride or die, that’s what.  Whether I’m looking for advice, a good vent or just some human contact while I’m walking the dog, you bet your sweet ass she’s on the other end of that phone. Come to think of it,  I don’t think I could have ever handled that freelance life without her. Yes, I am talking about my girl Honey Pop.



A hustler at heart, she’s been spinning her various plates since going self employed over a year ago, always challenging herself to do more. So when she told me she was adding yet another arm to her octopus like business body, I was super excited to hear all about it! Welcome to the Honey Pop Club.


Not one to limit herself to, well,  anything,  Amanda ‘Pops’ Davies wears many a hat when it comes to her 9 to 5. Well, that’s if 9 to 5 was such a thing in the life of a sole trader! Alongside her award winning blog, Honey Pop Kisses, Amanda is also the brains behind digital fashion mag Fashion Fix Daily, working full time as their Editor and Chief. From creating daily content, keeping up with socials, managing a huge team of writers, she’s got a lot on those aforementioned spinning plates, so adding one more was a very Pops like thing to do. Really, she’s one of the hardest working women I know, which is one of the reasons why I gravitate towards her. Since starting four months ago,  the Honey Pop Club has (of course) been a major hit! Showcasing incredible indie brands and artists, not to mention educating on cruelty free products, it’s as unique as she is. So I thought I would catch up with her and give you the low down on what’s happened so far and more importantly, what’s to come!


Hey girl hey! Congrats on your fourth Honeypop Club box! Tell me, what made you want to start such a thing?

Hey girl! I started Honey Pop Club because I love working with indie brands but I felt like something was lacking, I wanted to be able to share the actual products I was obsessing over! I have subscribed to a few beauty boxes in the past and found them seriously lacking in Cruelty free beauty, so it’s a way for me to showcase how many amazing brands there are and give people a chance to try them out without spending hours researching products. I’d like to think the box is a one stop shop for cute accessories & beauty.

I like the sound of that! So if you are a subscriber, what would you expect?

Each month your Honey Pop Club box contains 5 items, These will range from Pins, Patches, jewelry, candles or stationary! All from indie brands. Every month one of the 4 items will be beauty related, be that skincare or make up and all cruelty free! So far we’ve had everything from £17 moisturisers to Sara Hill lipsticks that also go for £17, all within your £20 subscription.


Ahh I love it! But tell me, how do you decide the themes for each month?

It all depends on the time of year and the kind of things I am loving at the moment! So for June the theme is summer lovin, with a body positive twist. The box you have, the February box was easy, but for March I wanted to do something fun, and tasty, so the obvious choice was CAKE!

Can you tell us what else is coming?

Ok since it’s you! Next months box (April) is actually a theme I’m really passionate about, titled ‘Modern Feminist’ it’s all about being empowered and not afraid to say what you think & feel. In this current political climate I think it’s needed. All the profits from the April box will also be going to a Womens Charity. May is themed Mother Nature & includes an amazing body oil, but that’s all the sneak peeks your getting!


Ahhh could I love you more?! Tell me this though,  you have a blog, blog and run FashionFixDaily.com, where or more like HOW do you find the time?

To be honest sometimes it can get a little overwhelming! I’m not a very organised person at heart so I have to constantly make lists/schedule my days. I try and split my time evenly but it never really works out. I think the important thing is setting yourself realistic goals and scheduling, I like to work on one thing at a time, if I tried to go between all three on a daily basis I’d never get anything done!

I hear that sister! So tell me, how can brands get involved?

Getting in contact on Social Media is great but the best way to ensure I don’t forget to read it is email. My address is Honeypopkisses@gmail.com if anyone wants to know any more or get involved!


Well you heard her! If you are a brand, artist or whatever! Get in touch with my girl Pops about being included in her future Honey Pop Club. Reaching out to people who are genuinely interested in the new, interesting and of course, bunny friendly, there’s no other box like it. I am still obsessed with my February box (pictured) that I got for my Galentines it would be hard to pick a favourite thing. The lipstick has been worn, the cry baby has been pinned and now I am on the hunt for the perfect jacket to patch and frame to display.  I just can’t wait to see where Amanda and the Honey Pop Club go to next! All I do know is, I’ll be right there with her. Have you tried out the Honey Pop Club yet?

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