You know you’re having true first world problems when social media is the main stress in your life. I know, it seems pathetic but I just don’t get it. Or more to the fact, it doesn’t get me, well, anymore anyway. Blogging and social media have always gone hand in hand and sharing and creating content used to be my ultimate jam. It was something I naturally kicked ass at, something I managed to carve a career from, something I thanked my lucky peak digital age stars for. So why all of a sudden has it sent me into a downward social spiral?


The internet is jam packed full of awesome things; from Netflix to GIF’s, Podcasts to Pinterest, really, used correctly there’s no better self-help or how to guide out there. The world wide web is officially your doctor, your teacher and general oyster, unless, like me, you go all Gone Girl on yourself. Competitive, vain,  jealous and low self-esteem, are just some of the feels that can be conjured up from an unhealthy Instagram cocktail. You know, until that one pic counteracts all those feels for a few hours all in the power of a double tap. Then the anxiety kicks in all over again. Fun right? But it never used to be this way.



So what do you do when you have this insta-existential crisis? I mean, social media is a huge part of my job so I can’t quit, nor can I give in to these feels of low self-worth. So apart from therapeutically writing this post, I did what anyone else would do: talked it out. Instagram gave the gift of connecting me with a worldwide social media support network that now I call friends.  Those who maybe work in similar industries and rely on the success of their social media accounts for their livelihood. They get that this first world problem is in fact, a problem! So what did I find after venting? I am not alone, that’s what.



Yes, as it seems this nonproblem is in fact, a problem for many. After some lengthy rants with me and my bests, I noticed it affects us all in so many different ways. Whether you are a designer, stylist, editor, photographer or creator, no one is safe and the social media struggle is real. So what do we do?  Like most cases of depression or anxiety, it’s time to get active.



You probably noticed within your recent social media demise that your engagement with others has also dropped off a cliff. So step back from the new statistics tool and jump onto your favourite profiles. It’s true since our beloved chronological order was taken away from us, the algorithm will be more prone to  pick up on you if your audience is engaged. So, the more we are liking and commenting the content we love and the feeds we follow, the higher and better their overall engagement will be. Sure, with the dreaded aforementioned algorithm in full flow now, new followers will take time but that’s for another battle. Just now, it’s about telling the people you follow they are doing great. You have no idea how much they may have needed it that day or even how long it took them to capture that perfectly lit flat lay, and if you did, you would for sure be commenting on how awesome it looks. Am i right?

Top: Biba, Coat: Saccharine Shrine, Jeans: H&M, Bag: Balenciaga (Mums), Boots: Public Desire 

Basically, the moral of the story is if you like peoples feeds, that picture or what they are saying in the caption, double tap or better yet TELL THEM! We have all learned that lifting each other up is the best way for us all to get farther, so if we all destroy the silence we are all one step closer to falling back in love with social media again. Are you with me?!

How do you help your social media anxiety?

forever yours betty

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About Betty

I’m Betty, a tangerine haired, glasses wearing Scottish Fashion and Lifestyle blogger with a nose for a good sandwich and an eye for style. One half of vlogging duo Colour Pop Girls and Freelance Events & PR consultant based in Glasgow.


  1. my god that coat is beautiful! I have one similar in pinks… I really need to dig it out! I hope you feel better soon & you are right we all need to egg each other on sometimes! I think the worse thing social media has done recently is change how your feed is viewed. I just feel you are missing out on people you love and WANT to see!

    Hayley xx

  2. Does this not just further feed into the anxiety pal? Get you stuck in a bit of a Black Mirror trap? Ride out those barely validated days and find the ways to draw the self worth from yourself. Externalised self worth will always be fickle x

  3. Couldn’t relate more! In fact my instagram stress lead to me taking 2 months off the platform – imagine ! It use to come so naturally now i’m filled with doubt over every photo i post – i often delete so many thinking they arent good enough! :”( I wonder if anyone reads anything i write or even cares about our photos ! thanks for the uplifting post ! your blog and images are always incredible and always improving xx

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