Where 2015 was the year of moving forward, 2016 had to be the year of change. And so much change at that! From icons passing, political bamboozling and mercury generally being in retrograde,  I’m glad to have made it out the other end a stronger person. From overcoming fears and taking giant leaps, it’s almost now that 2016  is over I feel I have the tools in place for a good year ahead. When it comes to fashion, this was the year zero fucks were given. It was the year that I sold half my wardrobe and had the chance to start completely a new, in a new flat, with a new puppy and my new walk in wardrobe. Sometimes, you really need to let go of things so you can move forward as a new, happier you, but that doesn’t mean leaving everything behind! Here’s some of my favourite trends which I’ll be taking into 2017.


13415411_1137116876332232_7163533252669730573_oI mean, who doesn’t love stripes? Fashion’s favorite print is timeless and totally wearable. Next year, get ready to see stripes in all sizes and colours on everything from chunky knits to sun dresses and, of course, the shirt. Basically, the Brenton Stripe will be your 2017 safety net.



There’s not many things that 2016 left us feeling thankful for but ruffles were certainly one of them. Like big shoulders and fancy sleeves, ruffles are transitioning to 2017 with a serious kick. There’s florals, lace and a whole new level of romance added to our favourite flutter. Outfit missing something? Bet it’s a ruffle.



While pink certainly made its presence known in 2016, this is just the beginning for the ‘it’ colour. 2017 will see our favourite bubblegum hue reign supreme, worn with clashing reds and bright oranges this is the colour to invest in the sales bitches.



I know, I know, just when you thought we were safe from all the see-through fabrics, 2017 came along. For S/S its about baring all or nothing. We’ll continue to layer up our dresses over jeans and even some will free the nipple, either way, this is 2017 layering at its finest.

The new sports luxe


Sporty silhouettes have arguably been the biggest trend of the past 12 months and the luxe approach is breathing new life into the trend for 2017.  Yes, I’m talking out with the sweats and trainers and in with joggers and heels and hoodies paired with feminine frills for the ultimate street style statement.

Tonal Dressing 


Ah, tonal dressing. The trend that officially made fashion a paint by numbers game. Head to toe colour might be scary to those who live in black, but last season’s greys and camels are making way for a whole new cohesive look. From cobalt blues, fiery reds and bubblegum pinks, your next outfit will be  H2T colour block perfection.

The last thing I want us all to take into 2017 is do what makes you happy. If saying no or changing you mind will make you happier in the long run, it will always take you to a better place no matter how scary the journey. Happy 2017 my lovelies thank you so much for all your support this last year! Question is, what will you be taking into the new year?


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