Ah the dungaree, such good times we’ve had. When I was little, there was no issues. No questions like, does the waist go high enough? Are the loose ones too tight on the thigh to be considered oversized? And the dreaded, do they give me a wedgie? You know, just some that I’ve asked myself while staring down at a pile of various styles, shapes and sizes of dungaree on the fitting room floor. All I really wanted was to channel my inner Donna, That 70’s Show, in a way that fit and flattered my curves and swerves, but sometimes it really is mind over matter.


Back in the day we wore our dungarees with pride. I have many a fond childhood fashion memory kicking about with my brother and getting my pink one muddy, and crying when I spilled milkshake down my favourite pair with Mickey Mouse on the front pocket. Fast-forward to 2016, and the dungaree seed is still firmly planted in our brains and as it should with it’s comfortably chic ways. But as it turns out, dungarees are a lot trickier to find the second time around.


I’ve honestly been searching for the perfect pair for years. And if you know how much I shop you gotta know that’s a hellava lot of dungarees in toe. As I try pair after pair, trying to find the look I see in my head, I don’t even know if it even exists any more. Like, I’ve been haunted by shopping experiences past or something. It was a super strange feeling to when I was trying on say, pair 30021, in GAP where I came to realise. Do these really look as shit as I think they do in my head? My theory is, technically no, but then again maybe yes. OK, not so much a straight answer, but I think, when you’ve had issues shopping for certain things in the past, it almost tarnishes and sets up more insecurity for the future. Of course you need to set yourself fit guidelines to follow when shopping, but how far is too far before you are just straight up insulting your body? It’s a slippery slope. Confidence is key to looking good in an outfit, so if you aren’t feeling it, chances are you’ll be able to tell. So what do I recommend? Friends. That’s what.




Imagine my dilemma. After a morning of which now will only be known as  ‘Jeans Gate 2016’ I came across what seemed like the perfect pair of flared 70’s style dungarees. Why today?! I was walking into the fitting room already defeated and then, zzzzzzzzzzzzip. They went up. They actually fit me. I couldn’t quite believe it which then just made me start questioning it all. Surely there must be something wrong? I picked and I picked and I picked, pulling open the fitting room curtain, grabbing random areas of my body then hiding behind the curtain again. I was then coaxed out by my girls Bee and Honey Pop who uttered those famous words. “It’s all in your head.” Now, if I had a penny for everytime that has been said to me, hell I would have my own custom fit super dungarees by now. At the time I wasn’t too convinced but trusted in them which now, I’m pretty glad I did. After a few days, I pulled on my new dungarees and they felt great! True, there are still some slight alterations buzzing around in my head but really, these felt comfortable and so fun to wear, which is what fashion should be all about.


Coat & Jumper: Vintage, Dungarees: Gap, Shoes: River Island,

Bag: Boden, Glasses: IOLLA

The right pair of dungarees can be just as sophisticated and sleek as a good pair of fitted  jeans.  I’d say that they are definitely worth a chance, if you find the right pair! I’m still not 100% these are indeed my perfect pair, but I think I’ll give them a few more tries before making up my mind. I’m just pleased I overcame the battle in my head that says I couldn’t wear them, and just enjoyed them as the fun and cute style they were always destined to be. Just like our fabulous bodies, there are so many shapes and sizes of dungaree out there and there is one for everybody. Fashion should be fun, so if you can’t find the one that works for you, that’s ok too! Just keep in mind that one style certainly doesn’t fit all all of the time. What do you think about dungarees? Have you ever had a similar issue?

forever yours betty

*Thanks to GAP, Buchanan Street for being the lovliest.

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  1. Your butt in these dungarees is insane! I have very short legs so dungarees never look like I think they will. I’ll keep looking for my perfect pair though – I love dungarees!

  2. Hey hun, had to comment to tell you I love your style. I have a 9 month old bundle of absolute joy but have been wearing the same things over and over coz my bust is so big my old clothes don’t fit. I’m just starting to get back to the old me and I have to say you’re bring my fashion mojo back girl. Your blog has me excited about clothes again. xxxx

  3. Oh my goodness! That is so wonderful to hear, thank you so much and I wish you all the best in embracing your new fashion journey! Xx

  4. Hah! Thanks Lauren keep on trying! If you love something it’s always worth it, they’ll probably come when you least expect! Xx

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