It’s that time of year where four little letters can rattle a girl up like no other. Our overdrafts dread it, it’s the January SALE. The sales are not only in full swing,  they are up to 70% off the ‘original price’, making it almost impossible for us shoppaholics to resist. So whether or not you like doing your shopping online or in store there are some smart ways to get your next seasons essentials at less than half the price. But be careful, sale shopping is a dangerous game so make sure you follow my tips so you end up with only what you need.


1. Bide your time.

When stores start their Boxing Day sales on Christmas Eve, you know there is something wrong. Some stores even raised their original pricing so they could discount earlier, without any actual customer saving. So don’t be afraid to bide your time and leave things in fates hands. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it! If it’s a whim just because it’s a good price, put it back, don’t let it sway you! The true bargains  start in the first week in January so unless there was something you had your eye on at full price, breathe, click away and move on.

Make a list, check it twice. Image via @pedroaragonmusic

2. Write a list

Mentally or physically go through your wardrobe and see what you are missing. I knew I was in the market for white or light grey Coulottes and picked up a steal in the Zara sale for only £15.99. You have to be tough with yourself so you only buy what works well with what you have already, being extra careful you don’t overspend.

Be careful before you click happy! Image via The Simpsons

3. Always try online first.

I know some of you may not be into it, but online shopping is the only way to roll when preparing for the sales. Even if it’s just all in the name of research! You can figure out what shops you want to go to, what you are looking for and calculate your budgets all before shops open. Just try not to get click happy beforehand!

Only essentials need apply. Image via @lellopepper

4. Stock up on your essentials

Remember that every good wardrobe needs a foundation to build on. Tees, crisp shirts, polos, coats, cigarette pants, brogues and a wearable boot are all items that are completely timeless. Invest in classic colours like white, grey and navy. I stay away from black but it’s definitely functional for most, cost per wear is the key mantra we should all keep in mind here. You know what you like and what you wear, so try and steer clear of those sneaky impulses.

The heartbreaking choice, what should stay and what should go.
The heartbreaking choice, what should stay and what should go. Image via @fatandfuriousburger

5. The sale givith, the sale takith away

A general rule when shopping for more than one item, is to remove unwanted pieces from your wardrobe at the same time. Take anything you don’t have love for and donate to a clothing bank or charity shop. Now, this is a tip I’ve yet to really take on myself – I am quite the hoarder – but this year I’m gonna try my damndest to empty out my unworn items. It’s a new year and a new wardrobe for Betty, well a cleaner one anyway!

Whatever you treat yo self to this sale season, please just be careful. Only buy what you can afford and return any unwanted items and as always, be sure to check out your local designers for some fabulous personality pieces! They will most likely become your favourites in years to come. Have you any other sale tips this year? I’ve been quite well behaved if I do say so!

forever yours betty

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