Becoming a sandwich master of the universe is trickier than it looks. There are so many things to think about; bread choice, complimentary fillings, not to mention condiment wars can make it a minefield of flavour. But what REALLY sets aside a good sandwich from a great sandwich is how fresh it is. Piece, Glasgow have always prided themselves on only using the locally sourced, so when I found out they were Crowdfunding to make more magic happen in their back of kitchen, well that was something I wanted on-board with. From baking speciality breads, creating the  perfect ‘piece-strami’ pastrami to becoming a zero waste company, these guys need your help. But with a few rewards that might grumble a few tummy’s, including mine.

The Missing Piece? Bacon and Avocado
The Missing Piece? Bacon and Avocado

There are tones of rewards to tickle most tastebuds, from a £10 Piece of your choice to cups, aprons and my own particular favourite, the chance to create your own Piece. Yup, that’s right. You can create the missing Piece, name it, and have it sold on the specials board for one month in their stores. Not only that, but if your sandwich is a seller, it’ll be made into a Piece fixture on the main menu. Pretty sweet huh? They had me at Make Your Own, so I’m looking into some inspiration to what will be in Betty’s Piece, coming soon! (GASP!)

The missing Piece? Bacon and Avocado
The missing Piece? Bacon and Avocado

First up, I think it’s a cryin’ shame that Piece do not have any sandwiches containing the beloved avocado.. I know we may be sick of the sight of them taking over our instagrams, but sprinkle some chilli salt on that bitch and it’s ready to completely transform any sandwich. I’m a big fan of bacon at all times of the day, so I’m thinking that with either choice of egg mayo or chicken, with jack cheese, smoked bacon, lettuce, crushed avocado with sundried tomato mayo, served up between two slices of bun. Some sort of club / BLT hybrid, this sandwich is heaven on a plate.

The missing Piece? Is it some Chicken Satay?
The missing Piece?  Chicken Satay

Next I was thinking of other flavours I enjoy at home, and thought some sort of variation of the Chicken Satay is always a favourite. Who doesn’t love that sweet sticky peanut sauce?! No one who isn’t allergic, that’s who!  I’d pair it with some spring onion, crushed cashews, fresh basil or coriander and sweet red peppers, adding some lime mayo for that extra ZING! Sorry, my whole mouth just filled with saliva…


Going on the whole, ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ mantra, I thought one of my old school favourite sandwiches had to be brought back – The Corned Beef and Coleslaw Roll. Who knows if it’s a Scottish thing, it may well be American, but thick cut corned beef with a fresh red cabbage coleslaw is pretty much my dream comfort food. Personally, I’d have this on a Mortons roll with a slice of Edam, but realistically, it can be made with anything. For those pickle lovers, this would be one for you to make dirty.

I still don’t really know what Betty’s Piece will be, but when I step into Piece’s shiny new kitchen, I’ll let all that fresh, locally sourced produce speak to me. Do you like the sound of any of my sandwich suggestions? What sandwich would you bring to Piece? Remember, there are 2 MORE DAYS LEFT to help our favourite local sandwich-monger reach peak Piece, let’s get them there. SANDWICH SKILLS, ACTIVATE!

forever yours betty

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