Mind back when it was the done thing to show your bra straps off with pride under every vest? Well a lot has changed since All Saints split but the bra is the unsung hero of every girls wardrobe. These days, it’s doing more than just pulling its weight behind the scenes. Our underwear drawer is experiencing a renaissance of sorts, and our bras are no longer content to play second fiddle to our favorite tops and blouses, and long may it reign!


Whether you are into it or not, underwear as outerwear is a bona fide fashion trend and with the help of Ann Summers, myself and some blogging babes hit up London Fashion Weekend, proudly showing off our no longer unmentionables. Whether you are layering up, over, or all by itself, our bras are no longer wanting to play the supporting role and when they look this good, why should they not be centre stage?


The Bra – With Frills this cute how can you not show the Desire Bra?


The ASLFW Girl Gang – Sophie Hannah Richardson, Sex in London City and Dannika Daisy 


The Hotel – Hotel Indigo and Ann Summers treats!


The Luxe Pass – London Fashion Weekend 

As you can see from our little Ann Summers girl gang, there are so many ways that you can work this trend to your own style. For me, I am either fully in or out. This time, I was all about showing a glimpse of my intimates where I feel sexy but not over exposed. I am fully enveloped within this 60’s / 70’s revival so a seventies satin shirt wrapped over and tucked into my ankle grazers, with a little flash was the perfect way for me to go. After all, when you are wearing something so pretty underneath it would be a crime to not show it off a little! Good lingerie is something every woman should have  (should you wish to wear it!) It’s about feeling good underneath it all, whether you choose to show it off or not is up to you but good underwear is as much for yourself as it is for your partner, so treat yourself to feeling great!


If we can all just also take a moment to appreciate my new Dior Dupe Boots from Zara, I think we would all appreciate it. I loved the matchy machines of my shirt and boots with the glimpse of my bra with every movement. I am a member of the itty bitty titty committee and I was super pleased about the ample cleavage this bra gave me. I’ve talked in detail about the many ‘new’ ways you can tuck a shirt, but simply wrapping it over and tucking it into my high waisted trousers was the perfect way for my bra – however small it may be –  to play a big part in the outfit.


Shirt – Vintage, Trouser and Boots – Zara, Bag – Boden,

Bra – Ann Summers, Glasses – Miu Miu 

So Bid adieu to those juvenile bra-strap reveals of yore, and embrace exposed-lingerie dressing with confidence. Thanks to The Blogger Agent for setting everything up and of course Ann Summers, Ice Lolly Holiday and Hotel Indigo Earls Court for a lovely weekend! Be sure to check out my three other blogger babes for their outfit deetz!  Will you be exposing your undies anytime soon?

forever yours betty


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  1. I am very much not a member of the itty bitty titty committee, and I don’t think the world is ready for it :(

    However, I did buy myself some new bras at the weekend and I have felt like a glamazon sex goddess all day.

    You look incredible <3

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