There are few things I love more than bed. I mean, it’s hard to think exactly what those things are, but no doubt they exist. We are all guilty of being caught up with life, so when DreamZebra showed me the wonders that are their new Mattresses in a Box, I had only one game plan in mind – staying in between the sheets and finally getting a good nights sleep.


Studies say that the average person spends a third of their life in bed. Now, if this is true I’m willing to bet that since the invention of the Smart Phone you can add at least another 20% onto that. From reading emails, editing your latest Instagram post, scrolling through last night’s gossip to online shopping, there’s pretty much no reason why we should leave the wonderful depths of the duvet. So if you’re logging some of the serious hours I know I am, it’s time to make sure your bed is as decked-out and lovely as possible, and it all starts with the mattress.

A mattress is apparently one of the most important things you buy for your home, and after breaking my back for almost 3 years with an IKEA number in my rented flat, I believe it. I’ve never been the best of sleepers, always preferring the feeling of my own bed – as uncomfy as it was – than to stay in others. When I stayed at hotels, I would wake up in the morning not feeling as stiff and I finally found out why – honey, I needed a new mattress and found the perfect one in a Danish made DreamZebra.


So, I know buying a mattress over the internet can be a little daunting, but DreamZebra have pretty much thought of everything from delivery to comfort perfectly. From arriving neatly in a compact box to it’s unique blend of memory foam and latex layers to give support and ventilation, this mattress is like no other. Once it has arrived, you rip open your box to find a super thick mattress pressed, rolled and shrink-wrapped so that it fits neatly through your doors and into your bedroom. What’s more,  DreamZebra offers 100 days of sleep or your money back, including free pick up from your house! Feeling pretty sleep satisfied? For every mattress sold a donation is made to a local homeless charity, along with a ten-year warranty for yourself. Pretty cool huh?


After my first night on my new mattress, I was pretty stunned at the difference in quality of sleep I had. Getting to sleep is tough enough, without the restlessness, waking half way through then being sore in the morning so to wake up refreshed was an absolute game changer. Sleep can be tricky business, but it’s also one of few things that can make a huge improvement in your overall personal well-being. With the mattress being pretty much sound and movement proof, I slept through the entire night(s) for the first time in a long time although this changed my attention to something completely different,  I couldn’t help but think I needed a full on bedding overhaul. After all, with great new mattress comes great responsibilities – I needed comfort AND style.


Bedding is something I have never felt the need to splurge on. When you are putting something ontop of IKEA standard, it feels to close to fur coat no knickers of the bedding equivalent. Really, if you have invested in a mattress that works wonders in comfort, it’s a crime to deck it out in anything less than wonderful. You should pick something you won’t get sick of the sight of, that’s soft and creates that inviting space that you just want to crawl up in. Dying for some mattress couture? Look no further than Bluebellegray.


There really is nothing like waking up refreshed, pain-free and surrounded by colour. It puts you in the best position to get up out of the right side of bed every morning, or put you in the mood to just stay ‘chill and watch Nexflix’ for the foreseeable future. No judgement here, I’ll be in my bed if you need me, hope yours if just as comfy!

forever yours betty

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