Between hauling bags and running for buses and shows all London Fashion Week, I was absolutely thrilled when the guys at Lush got in touch and asked if I wanted a good old fashion rub down in their Spa in Edinburgh. It honestly couldn’t have come at a better time, my body was craving some severe TLC and after only just getting into Lush this past year, I was desperate to try out their signature Synaesthesia massage.


Based on the neurological condition synaesthesia, where certain senses are experienced as a different sense (e.g. hearing a musical note and seeing a colour, I know amazing right?) Sitting at the higher end of the Spa menu with the experience (and I stress that term strongly) costs £125 for an 80-minute full body treatment. Believe me when I say that this is more than your average massage. By merging all of your body’s senses in a fully choreographed massage it will literally leave you feeling like a whole new you, not just at the time, but for days after too.


When you first walk in, the Lush ladies warmly greet you with some lovely fresh fruit water of the day, you fill in your medical form and then spill on what’s to come. The spa reminded me of a warm country  farmhouse, full of wood, vintage trinkets and white square sinks.  The rooms were all set up ready for the treatments, all tailored with different lighting, layouts and decor. The experience starts when you are led to a black chalkboard full of twelve written mood words, your asked to close your eyes and open to see the word you are most drawn to, rather that what you think you may want.  This tailors the experience to that mood, from the scent, touch, sound and taste you will experience. For some reason, I bypassed my massage goto word of ‘relax’ chose enlightened, and I certainly felt it!

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I could tell this was going to be a real mini adventure as soon as I walked into the blue and purple lit room and my therapist created a smoky potion with my sub word Focus (without fear). She started with a warm foot cleanse, followed with a facial massage which was heaven, especially when the cold stones were used along with the hot! The calming music was specifically composed for Lush as it took you through a journey from day into night, making your way to Scarborough Fair, it was incredible the way how it washed over you with the scents.
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Of course,  I was really looking forward to the whole experience but really I was all about the back massage. I suffer from pretty sore back pain due to tension, anxiety and a curve at the bottom of my back. Although it wasn’t as firm as I would usually like, this was something completely new for me. A back massage not causing the good kinda pain, but one giving me nothing but pure relaxation.  I was asked at the start if I wanted hot stones or a massage on my tummy, and after that first half I was pretty much set on staying right there, but after turning around and feeling the night sounds pass over me, it floated me deeper in this awake, relaxed, calm dream.
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When the massage was over, I was told to relax  and get dressed in my own time. I was asked if I wanted a shower and told to help myself to the Lush cosmetics in the bathroom if I wanted to freshen up.  A shower and ALL the Lush products later, I was greeted with a nice cup of Enlightened tea waiting for me, along with a Lush tin containing my massage bar and a matching bubble bar so I could continue my experience at home. Really, Lush? Really? You guys really have thought of everything.
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I wish every bathroom was a Lush Bathroom
For days afterwards, not only did my skin feel amazing, but I felt so refreshed and erm, well, enlightened even the morning after my massage! Now, I know what you are thinking, £125 is a hell of a lot to pay for a massage, but seriously guys, this is an experience. Having the full thing tailor made for you from the refreshments, the bars to take home, not to mention the effects for days afterwards, it is certainly something I would recommend to anyone. You can find all the treatments available at the Lush Spa here and if I know Lush, every single one of them will be awesome. If the Spa reaches too far into the overdraft, why not create your own experience at home? Lush have thought of everything in their store, infact I ended up investing in some great products which I’ll tell you all about soon.  Thank you again to Lush Edinburgh for a sensory experience I will never forget, will you be giving it a go?
forever yours betty

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  1. A trip to the Lush Spa is definitely on my list of “one days” – I’m glad (and a little jealous!) that their treatments are as amazing in real life as they sound in the descriptions!

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