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If there’s one thing Benefit have down, it’s making a cult product. They already have the UK’s best selling mascara down with They’re Real, and now they plan on knocking their own off the top with new product, Roller Lash. I jumped aboard the Benebus when it made it’s pit stop in Glasgow to get the goss before the release at the end of February. Are you ready to Hook ‘n’ Roll?


So what makes it different from all the other mascaras? First, let me paint a picture. You know when your wrapping gifts and you get a bit of ribbon, put it inbetween a pair of scissors and pull to make a big fancy ass curl? Well, Roller Lash has taken pretty much the exact same premise, but ye know, for your eyelashes. Inspired by Velcro curlers, you can officially go ahead and bin those fidgety eyelash curlers (who uses them anyways?!) The tiny yet perfectly placed hooks on the mascara head lock in dem lashes before kicking them back out again, curling as you go. I was really impressed by how easy it is to use to get your lashes in, especially when like me your eyesight is pretty iffy without glasses. But no, just hook, lift and curl, it’s that simple!


IMG_3552FullSizeRender (10)

 This is my eye with nothing but Roller Lash. Not bad lash wise albeit creepy eye shot eh?

Right now I’ve got the product out the way, lets talk about the other thing that got me so excited about Roller Lash, the packaging.  The lid has a crazy cute to the touch handle which reminds me of really old school rollers you would see in a purple rise salon back in the day. Some of you may not know what i am referencing, but I used to be a Saturday girl in a place called Maison Olga when I was 13 where perms were the style du jour. Nothing like a bit of kitsch nostalgia to get me sold on a product! If you fancy getting your hands on one of these babies pre launch end of Feb, then get your arse to the Benebus on Argyle Street, Glasgow for your chance to Tweet n’ win. If you want to try before you buy, Elle Mag is giving away samples in their March issue, launching January 29th. I wouldn’t want to miss out on this soon to be essential, your make up bag needs it!

forever yours betty

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