When the MTV Europe Music Awards announced they were on their way to Glasgow, me and my Bee were hell bent on getting the hottest tickets in town. After all, with every hot ticket there’s an even hotter outfit so when the guys at Durex and Someone Like Me offered us tickets, we were  MTV ready, ready to talk SEX.



Dress & Jacket – Isolated Heroes | Boots – Miista | Bag – Missguided | Underwear – Ultimo 


In their own words, Someone Like Me is a global social movement created by Durex and the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, providing a stage for young people to talk about sex more openly. They are wanting  to inspire a generation to ask questions freely and to add their voices to the movement, helping create a world with better, safer sex. So why not start right here?

We were encouraged to get people talking about sex; where you first heard about it, what worries you, the pressures and most importantly the safety. Come on now people, with TV shows such as True Blood and the wonders of Kim Kardashian’s butt breaking the internet,  it’s hard to escape that sex is everywhere.  I first learned the (physical) ins and outs about sex from close friends and TV, but we never really touched on the pressures or the fears around it. For me and my friends it was all a numbers game.

“How long should we wait?”

“How long did it last?”

“Wait…What’s your ‘number'”

These are just three questions we would ask ourselves and each other when talking sex. Out of all the worries; the safety, the security, how we felt afterwards or the position(s) we are getting ourselves into, WHY are our heads spinning around in the math of it all? The main thing about sex is to never apologise for following what feels right to you. I believe everyone has the right to their own sexual desires, love it or hate it, no ones opinions should effect the choices you make in your sex life. Do things at your own pace, fast or slow, adventurous or mainstream, just have fun, be safe and don’t be afraid to spill your woes on your partner or bff. That’s what they’re there for right?!

When it comes down to the outfit, of course it was all about keepin’ it local. I’m obsessed with the new Believe collection from Isolated Heroes and the Holidayzzz dress is just too good to pass up. Not one to do things subtly, I matched it with their full on sequin Believe coat with detachable Mongolian Lambs Wool fur collar. Nothing says Durex and MTV than sheer and sequins right? 


Of course I needed to find the perfect party pants (and bra) to wear underneath all the sheer. I found the perfect companions in the Ultimo Bralette and H&M shaper pants. The Bralette was super comfy to wear, and the low back makes it so versatile to wear with pretty much any party dress over the festive season. I finished off the look with my Missguided furry bag and of course -the boots of my life the season  – my over the knee Miista Emi’s, obviously. Unfortunately, Rora was not my date for the night…


Me and My Bee enjoying the EMA's
Me and My Bee enjoying the EMA’s

MTV put on an amazing production and you cannot help but be impressed by all the performers who werked it out on stage. Me and my Bee had an absolute blast, did you catch the MTV EMA’s last week? Thank you Someone Like Me for inviting us!

forever yours betty



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