Scotland is fast becoming a tropical rainforest. It’s somewhat normal to consider rain, wind and shine when building an outfit in the morning so when the weather turns to taps aff (at 20 degrees) its time to get the legs out and the factor 30 on!

taps aff

I have always had a complex about my legs. My calves have never been slim enough to fit a good boot and a childhood roller blading accident  left my knees baring too much a similarity to the two grumpy old men from The Muppet Show, but I am very aware that the majority of my complex is all in my head. There has been many a time where I have put on an outfit, taken one look at my legs and ran straight back to the wardrobe, however this is something I have decided to work on. On Friday, Glasgow decided to treat the locals to some severe sunshine so I decided it was high time that I went out in public in my ‘not for Glasgow’ shorts. I bought these blue leopard print gem numbers last year in the hope I would be able to pluck the courage to wear them on those ‘hot summer days’ but only managed to get them out when I was out the country. Deep breathes, time to face your fears Betty and get those knees out!

photo 2 (27)photo 4 (11)photo 1 (24)photo 5 (10)TShirt – Old / Gift, Chain – H&M, Shorts – H&M, Belt – Dads (vintage) Jumper – Primark, Shoes –  Office

I paired the shorts with my trusty shell sandals from Office and a classic grey tee and gold chain. Do not be mistaken, these are SHORT SHORTS so after trying to psych myself up for leaving the house, I couldn’t help but feel like I would be unsuitable for small children. I grabbed a trusty Primark mint crochet jumper and tied round my waist to make sure there were no ‘popping out’ accidents and honestly, make myself feel more ‘public ready’ and hit the town. It really is the first step to reconditioning my brain into thinking my legs are ‘OK’ in my own head. Hopefully the more I get them out, the more used to it I will get and before you know it above the knee will no longer be forbidden in my wardrobe!

After a lovely day of sitting on grassy knolls and gossiping with Bee, it was off home to cover up my legs for the evening and head to the Glasgow Gin Club for their very first meeting within on of my favourite spots, The Hidden Lane Tea Room.

Glasgow gin ClubGin Club BettyGin Club Betty.jpg2

The first rule of Gin Club? Nae Gordons. The Glasgow Gin Club consists of three pals Squirrel (Graham) Caldow (Stuart) and  Kate who decided to turn a collection and passion into something they could share with the community. I have been to many a tasting (mostly Whisky or Beer) but Gin is a drink which I really enjoy but don’t know too much about. It was great to walk into a perfect Summer setting, listen to some great tunes (Ship Called Dignity? HELL YES!) with some lovely company and learn about the wonders that is our lady Gin.

Glasgow gin Club.jpg3Glasgow gin Club.jpg2Gin Club Betty.jpg4photo 2 (28)photo 3 (21)Glasgow gin Club.jpg4

They had four different brands for us to try,  The Botanist GinCaorunn GinStrathearn Distillery and No.3 Gin all prepared with hand picked garnishes or treats which they have enjoyed in private Gin Clubs past. I would probably have to say the Caorunn Gin was my favourite with a slice of apple and tonic although, the jellied gin was a really great accompaniment to my delicious Hidden Lane scone! The next one is rumoured to be at the start of July and for the bargain price of £12 for four Gins and a few Jelly and Sorbet shots, I’d like to know a better way to spend a sunny Friday night! If you fancy it, give their Facebook Page a like to keep in the loop of the next confirmed date. See you next round?

Photos from Glasgow Gin Club.

forever yours betty

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