I have been a massive fan of Hayley Scanlan since I first clapped eyes on her geometric prints in her degree show back in 2009. Since then it has been a pleasure to follow her career and watch as each collection (and her point of view) grows stronger and stronger. After obsessing over her last collection ‘Queen of Hearts’ and only just getting over the disappointment of missing her SS14 launch in Dundee last month, I caught up with Hayley for the full low-down on her new collection ‘Love Me Tender’ and her journey so far.

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Hiya Hayley! Your new collection tickles me in all the right places, where did you find the inspiration for Love me Tender? 

The main inspiration behind “Love Me Tender” was Alabama Worley from the Cult Tarrentino film “True Romance“. I watched it years ago and she’s always stuck in my head & I’ve always wanted to use her as a muse. I thought she was perfect to incorporate with the major trends this season too. I didn’t want to make it too obvious but the reference was there in my mind throughout the whole process. She’s really girly yet exceedingly cool. I also love the whole Elvis & Rock’n’Roll reference in the film and named it “Love Me Tender” as that was my Supergrans favourite song. It was a tribute to her as she first taught me to sew when I was 4 years old.

hayley scanlan betty.jpg7hayley scanlan betty.jpg8Aww that is a lovely story! True Romance is one of my favourites too and there is definitely something Alabama about your girl, the perfect juxtaposition of soft, pretty but tough. When did you start working on the collection?
It’s been in my mind constantly, probably since I finished Autumn/Winter although we have been so busy, we are constantly busy and I didn’t really get to begin until after Christmas. I designed the main pieces on the train to London as it was actually the longest and only bit of free time to myself I had!
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I could imagine! With your label and juggling your gorgeous wee twins I could imagine coming up for air difficult!  What did you know this season that you felt you have learned since you first started designing?

As a designer and starting from the bottom I think I am constantly learning new things, I keep trying to push myself into using new styles, fabrics and techniques each season which is a true sign of the development and growth. I’m constantly learning and still always feel I’m learning something new every time, it’s an exciting process!

hayley scanlan betty.jpg2You always seem to pull off this ‘pretty tough girl’ aesthetic with the way you mix textures and fabrics and I adore it! Do you have a favourite piece/ outfit from the collection?

Yes, the leather biker jacket is my absolute dream jacket. It’s so beautiful, sometimes I look at it and can’t believe we done that!

hayley scanlan betty.jpg10hayley scanlan betty.jpg11Ahh I couldn’t agree more! I’m stuck between the biker and the bomber jackets as well as the polka dot fishtail midi! All would fit perfectly within my wardrobe I think! I get so much wear out my Queen of Hearts jumper, what would you say is the Hayley Scanlan ‘Staple’?

Hmm, I really love snakeskin and have used it quite a lot since I started, I’ve read people say that’s my “staple”. I think probably something really simple with detail, maybe the biker skirts or new biker dresses. To me that’s what Hayley Scanlan represents, being able to make a simple, wearable shape unique & beautiful through the added detail.

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I couldn’t have put it better myself! You launched the collection in your home town Dundee and I was so gutted to miss it (thank God for Instagram!) A little birdie tells me you have been working with Debenahams on a second pop up shop, please tell me this time it’s Glasgow?! 

 The launch in Dundee was such a brilliant night and the response to the new collection has absolutely blown me away. The sales have hit an all time high! And yes! We are coming to Debenhams, Argyle st, Glasgow for our first pop up shop there, 29th May – 2nd June and  we are really excited about it!!

And there you have it! I cannot wait to finally see Love me Tender in the flesh! Rumour has it Hayley will also have some limited edition designs available which were created exclusively for the collaboration! I smell a spending spree coming on! See you on the 29th in Debenhams then peeps? 



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