We started the day as we meant to go on. WET. After what should have been an 8 min walk (as told by our new God – CityMapper) it took about 45 mins to find our way the nearest (?) tube station from our hotel. When we eventually made it to the Freemasons Hall we pretty much set up camp there for the full day. Fashion Scout created unbelievable itinerary jam packed full of amazing designers and new faces, we were so happy to be along for the ride – with Priority seating no less! London Fashion Week, Betty and Bee have arrived! 20140215-230309.jpg DAY 1 Outfit 20140215-231002.jpg Obscure Couture Bum Bib Pants, Schuh Shoes, Primark Fluffy, H&M Necklace, H&M Paris Collection Fur and Miu Miu bag. First up Jamie We Huang20140215-214536.jpg As our first show we didn’t realise we could skip the que with our tickets (lesson learned) so cramped into the standing area to get a good view that wasn’t through someones apple product. Jamie We Huang’s collection was a stunning lesson in structure versus simplicity. Starched fabrics, clean lines and copious amounts of buckles and zips which gave an almost militant feel to the runway, which was further brought out by the stunning textured headgear which almost trapped the models inside. Sharp clean lines and almost oversized styling gave the collection a masculine feel but the addition of pleats and textures played with the feminine side. The pallet was strictly minimal, white, black and red with tonal hints of pink and grey, which was a lovely addition half way through the show. 20140215-214809.jpg Next we headed upstairs for Napsugar, love Americana with a side of Pop Art? Aye.I was excited too. 20140215-215245.jpg This was a presentation also put on by Fashion Scout which completely grabbed me from the word erm…POP! I am such a lover of ‘fantasy fashion’ so as this collection was so wearable it was amazing to see it displayed in such a way. With an unusual concept Napsugar – happiness in hungarian – dressed the room as a Lichtenstein wet dream, as the models paraded around props and interacted with one another. Once again the pallet was minimal – this time white, red and blue with an extreme divide in the models, some playful ad cross legged, some goff boots clad and legs-a-kimbo. This collection screams give me SASS or give me death; Blonde bombshells, cat eye flicks and red lips all tied up in a lovely bouffants. What more does a girl want?! 20140215-220028.jpg Next up it was to see who Fashion Scout London had predicted to be the ‘Ones to Watch’ and first of the lucky winners was Sarah Ryan. Playing on a Goth meets ethnic feel, the collection looked almost handwoven and organic. Very natural with an almost Asian fusion was albeit beautiful, just not my kinda bag but speaking…Trend to watch? Holdalls worn as rucksacks and bags shaped like bowling balls (which I did love) Ye heard it here first lovlies! 20140215-222626.jpg The second of the one to watch was Carrie Ann Stein. I am kind of unsure about this collection, although i ‘get’ it, i felt there was all substance and no style. I mean don’t get me wrong, it is hard to not get all up in that hype when the crowd oos and ahhs at the runway, but me and Bee looked at each other with an all knowing ‘eh?’ as boxy shapes and contraction slogans flashed before our eyes. Creative and arty, but just no for me. 20140215-222922.jpg Third up was knitwear designer Hiroko, this was much more up my alley! Classic, graphic and flattering, I felt that the collection embodied all seasons with its colour pallet and shape. Each item very wearable and well constructed, two thumbs way up! 20140215-223043.jpg 20140215-223022.jpg Lastly was for me was the showstopper of ones to watch, George Styler. I dont think i have ever seen a collection so full of embellishment, it had everything, jewels, texture, beading AND CROWNS! It reminded me of an indian or egyption wedding, so full of colour, luxury and the feeling of celebration throughout the collection. I feel it in ma waaters this isnt the last we’ll be seeing of this guy! 20140215-223219.jpg 20140215-223229.jpg After the shows, we were a good 6 hours on our feet, no food (the free dried mango just was naw) no water (never drink coconut water) and my poor wee Bee was noticeably slowing her pace after all that time breaking in her new acid yellow heels. No one gave us the memo to only bring flat shoes to fashion week, so we had no choice to mission it to Debenhams to spend some of our lovely vouchers where Bee joined the Sports Luxe crew. Even though my years in retail have trained up my feet, I was pretty jelly that she pulled off the look with spades, although I am getting more and more in love with New Balance trainers every day… This has been an UBER post so I’ll save your eyes and post Pam Hogg tomorrow. Believe me. It’s worth it. What’s your thoughts on fashion week so far? 20140215-232313.jpg

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