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So I never really thought I would be sold on the 90’s trend but now all of a sudden my crop top collection has doubled and my shoe wishlist has a *must come with flatform* note attached. This is why I wasn’t too surprised that I was swooning over the fabulously kitsch collaboration with Lazy Oaf and Looney Tunes.

lazy oaf bugs jumper

Even though it launched like a month ago this collection just Β makes me so happy! When I was wee I had a red Looney Tunes jumper that my Aunty in America brought home for me. I was the envy of all the non school uniform days as this was my special jumper that no one else had. As soon as I saw this collection I thought it was a complete match made in heaven. Keeping in tune with Lazy Oaf’s playful aesthetic but also pulling on the heart strings of every 90’s kid. I know it takes me back ti how much I loved all the characters creeping out the top pocket of my jumper and how I used to include them in whatever game I was playing. Isn’t nostalgia a wonderful thing?

Right Tweety, how we gonna get Bugs to the dance on time?! COME ON WE’RE LATE!

lazy oaf tweety

Although I wouldn’t necessarily wear the full collection, for an adult childrens cartoon character collaboration it is all surprisingly wearable and affordable! I seem to be gravitating towards everything Bugs, which is weird as I was always a bit more of a Marvin the Martian or Tweety kinda burd…

11_fizzymag_lazyoaf_lookbook_looney_lazyoaf_lookbook_looneybugs218530_7_600lazyoaf_lookbook_looneylazy oaf thats alkl


Will you be buying anything from the collection? Watch this space tis all I’m saying…

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