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So I’m a bit unsure if anyone actually likes feet but we all know this seasons open toe sandals are never complete without polished tootsies! I was asked down to the newly opened Revival Retreat salon within Glasgow City Centre for an experience I’ve never had before – a proper pedicure!

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So feet give me a wee bit of the fear. I’ve always had a slagging for my toes (eugh) so  I was a touch apprehensive on pappin’ them out in front of a stranger who would – God forbid – need to touch them! But in walks the lovely Maggie…

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Maggie made me feel at ease as she handed over a cool glass of water garnished with some fruit and told me to sit back and relax. I closed my eyes with embarrassment as I ‘de-shoed’ and jumped onto the massive massaging lazy boy chair for a right good rubbin..

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For the polish, I loved that Revival Retreat had a large choice of colours and brands which were separated into different trends from classic reds to new season pastels. I ended up going for a nice and neutral pinkish soft almond shade by Shellac.

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Everyone knows I’m a talker but  Maggie just wanted me to sit back and chill out as she made my feet as good as new, and boy did she! My feet have never been scrubbed, stripped and rubbed like that before and after almost an hour of pampering I was finished, with completely dry, accurately applied nail polish and the softest feet I have ever had. Pedicures from Revival Retreat range from £15 for a file and polish to £40 for the master pedicure. I could barely recognise these twinkle toes! Check out the Revival Retreat website for information on all their treatments and be sure to say hello to the delightful Maggie when you drop by!





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