This weekend was jam packed full of exciting activity from all over country, with Edinburgh International Fashion Festival and the Merchant City Festival drawing to a close, it was difficult to decide what to do! On Saturday myself, Miss Bee Waits and Thank Fifi (the collaborative which shall now be known as the ‘Triple Threat’) headed to the Capital for the highly anticipated Future Fashion Show and design market.



The man of the market or Mr Future Fashion Jacob Birge – is definitely one to watch, this guys gonna go to the moon and back and his RTW Collection is to die for. I have my eye on the black and white leather skirt with the laser cutting…a Betty can dream eh? It was also lovely to chat to the beauties of Bebaroque who had a small collection of their hosiery for sale as well as showcasing their new collection of bodies and stockings at the fashion show. A Bebaroque piece will last you a lifetime and rumour has it they are bringing their legendary pop up shop back to Glasgow! Watch this space…

ed 2

It was so lovely to finally put a face to the name to this talented lady. Georgia Wiseman jewellery has been on my ‘Ooh la la List’ for some time now. I am not the best with jewellery, my watch, Eire looms (and the odd statement necklace) is all I usually don, but one look at one of these sparkling gems and I was in jewelled heaven. Bright, eye-catching and chunky Georgia’s pieces are power dressing in the jewellery world.


Euan McWhirter’s jewelled belt bracelets immediately caught my (and a few other) eyes as soon as we stepped through the door. Elegant, simple yet modern, Euan’s colour combinations and sheer craftsmanship never fails to attract admirers.


When we arrived at the City Art Centre I could see Torres and her Colour Army from the train station! I was chuffed to see the dress I was wearing (her name is Heather) was for sale that day as well as some other pieces within her last collection. She has an incredible sale on at the moment, you can check it out on her website – trust me, it’ll be one of your best purchases of the summer!

Now onto the show, for me I felt that all of the chosen designers truly did represent the leaders of Fashion Design in the country at the moment. From knits, to sports luxe, to prim and proper the catwalk had everything. And then came Obscure Couture. I’ve not exactly kept my love and adorations of these girls a secret but I just cant get enough of them. This collection is their strongest yet, and each item that walked down that runway had a ‘GASP’ factor. The opening and closing dresses in particular had me going, way to make an entrance ladies! I am lucky to have 2 Torres dresses within the wardrobe so I was looking forward as to what our Queen of Colour would present. Once again Rebecca displays her love for the female form, wrapped up in flattering colour and print blocked dresses and skirts. She also brought some leather and zips into the mix which really complimented the prints they were teamed with. I love her use of sheer panelling – great for all those arm conscious ladies… If my stupid phone didn’t crash I would have had much more video representation of all the designers present, but alas Instagram Video seems to be its Kriptonite… I did however enjoy the unbelievable presence Anna Freemantle has when she walks into a room, especially whilst wearing a Jacob Birge number! Five hours sleep later and I start to head back in time for the Glasgow Vintage Festival! hangover cake For the closing day of the Vintage / Merchant City Festival, myself and Claire headed down for a swatch but not a moment before we got fed and watered from one of our favourite places in Glasgow – Once Upon a Tart. Claire was well behaved with her salad, where I wasn’t interested in anything unless it was fried with a side of Irn Bru. I love that the prep their tap water to taste like mojitos and serve it in flamingo glasses, this should be mandatory in all establishments. We also couldn’t resist their passion fruit cake which hands down (face full) is the best in the city centre! faceootdbag

Dispite the hangover, I decided to get into the vintage mood by wearing my hair in victory rolls and chucked on a dropwaist. This dress is a wee bargain from H&M at only £14.99, worn with my Zara t-bars (sale), Miu Miu bag and Accessorise Brolly (which was the most important accessory of the day I must say!)

dr martins

There was so much going on around us, great smells of food and some amazing street style all around. I loved this photo of me and Claire at the Dr Martins customising van. Sums us both up in a photae I



I rounded up the evening with a visit to see Mumma Swollock and to take full advantage of her newly landscaped Roof Terrace. Can you believe this is in Partick!? A Clyde side paradise!

This week I am looking forward to the opening of Re:Store, a concept brought up from London to banash all those empty shop fronts and inviting young people aged 16-25 to take over. Glasgow’s Re:Store Hub launches the 30th of July with an eclectic programme of events from some of Scotland’s most enterprising and creative young people and is located on Fredrick Street. Just what Glasgow needs if you ask me, definitely worth checking out, come have a swatch at the launch on Tuesday 30th from 6pm – 10pm, and give Betty a wee wave!


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